Event Essentials – 5 Pieces Of Equipment That Will Take The Stress Out Of Running An Outdoor Event

Outdoor-Event-EssentialsIt’s too late to back out, bookings have been made, your guests have RSVP’d and there is a purpose to this upcoming outdoor event that is deeply important to you. Whether it’s impending nuptials or a corporate gathering, there is something about taking the al fresco approach that will worry any host. To help you manage a safe and memorable outdoor event, here are five must-have pieces of equipment.

1. Lighting Towers

Even a daytime event requires adequate lighting. Natural lighting is subject to weather conditions, and if your event set-up involves marquees and shading, these structures can inhibit visibility in some areas and cause unwanted shadows in your photos and videos.

The solution is to have portable LED lighting towers. Designed to illuminate even dark mining conditions, a few lighting towers will effortlessly take your event from day to night while also flattering all your guests in the photos.

2. Wireless Microphones

It may seem obvious, but microphones and a good PA system are pieces of equipment that cannot be missed at an outdoor event. Whether you will be having speeches for a smaller crowd or large presentations, the sound is naturally more difficult to contain at an open-air event.

Keep your guests engaged and give yourself peace of mind by keeping a couple of wireless microphones on hand at your event. The absolute bare minimum is to have microphones and a corresponding sound system that is suitable for the size of your outdoor setting. If you’re unsure, ask for advice from the company you hire your equipment from. Just be prepared with all the details of your venue so they can make an accurate recommendation.

3. Weatherproof Speakers

Unless your outdoor event is a concert or a rave, you really don’t need the most advanced sound system. What you will need is a speaker system that can withstand the outdoors, in particular, windy and wet weather conditions. Make sure you choose portable, wireless speakers that are waterproof or you can take service from speaker hire surrey. For a smaller event, you can even get away with having just a few, small personal Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to each other and to your wireless microphones.

4. Staging

For a larger event that involves speeches, you need to have a think about staging and presentation. Having some kind of podium can be really useful if you, or other speakers, will be addressing a crowd or if your guests are likely to be spread out. Nobody likes looking back on important moments of an event blocked by crowds!

If there is a performance, a panel, or a dancefloor, you will definitely be needing some kind of raised flooring for the comfort of those using the space. This way, your guests will be able to fully enjoy the experience.

5. A Weatherproof Marquee

Take no risks. Without weatherproofing all of the above pieces of equipment are in danger, your guests’ and your own comfort will be compromised, and your event will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons. Of course, you should be taking the weather into account during your initial planning and date setting, but rainy days can come out of nowhere, even in the summertime.

To best prepare for this, you can either invest in or hire adequate coverage and shading. From tents to waterproof marquees and geodesic domes, there are plenty of options to choose from that will complement the style of your event.

Now you’ve got these five pieces of equipment on your list, you can get to the final stages of your event planning and rest easy!

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