5 Reasons That Explain the Popularity of the Lake District

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Around 15.8 million people visit the Lake District in Cumbria every single year. The area is famed for its beauty, history, and wildlife. Painters and poets have continuously romanticized the area – helping to turn it into one of the most visited places in Great Britain. Here are five compelling reasons for the continuing popularity of this picturesque beauty spot:

Great Walking

The Lake District is a paradise for walkers. It offers some of the most rugged and challenging pathways in England while being relatively accessible. Scramblers rejoice at the huge variety of mountain pathways available to the more intrepid hiking folk. Multi-day hiking trips are perfectly possible in this beautiful swathe of largely open land. The work of historic trespassers has ensured the continued right of way for walkers in the area.

Amazing Scenery

The Lake District’s striking scenery has long been the muse of painters and poets. Dramatic outcrops, white water streams, and – yes – lakes make the area a unique and inspiring place to take in the air. Taking a boat out onto Lake Windemere on a clear day is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Some of the most dramatic scenery in the entire country can be found in Cumbria.


Because much of the Lake District is protected by parkland, wildlife has been able to flourish in the mountainous area. There is a surprisingly diverse selection of wildlife in the area due to the variety of environments offered by it. Some of the UK’s only surviving red squirrel populations live around Ennerdale, while majestic ospreys can be seen in the skies above Whinlatter Forest. The UK’s only golden eagle population lives around Haweswater. A rare sighting of a golden eagle will make any bird lover’s day.

Peace and Quiet

Despite the enduring popularity of the Lake District, there is plenty of open space and sparsely populated areas that survive. The rurality of the area is heavily protected by parkland – including the North Lakes Country Park. Although major urbanization is banned in these parks, there are still plenty of isolated holiday lodges for sale Lake District that allow city dwellers to experience country living – if only for a little while.

Fascinating History

The Lake District is a place that has a complex and fascinating heritage. Human settlement in the Lake District is known to have first occurred around 5000 years ago. Archeological records show that the area was initially settled due to deposits of metal and stone which could be mined. Lake District stone was commonly used in Neolithic ax making. Evidence of Neolithic settlements can still be seen in the form of stone circles such as the one at Long Meg.

In the Medieval period, several monastic houses were founded in the area. Later religious developments included the founding of the Society of Friends – commonly known as the Quakers. There is also a rich rural folk tradition in the Lake District, and local people strive to keep living heritage practice alive.

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