Ready to Move House

5 Tell-Tale Signs That You are Ready to Move House

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Ready to Move House

Sometimes a house move is for practical reasons – a new baby has arrived, and you need more space, or your mortgage repayments have become unmanageable. When this happens it’s easy to know that it’s time to make a move, but it isn’t always obvious that you’re ready for a change. These five subtle but tell-tale signs are telling you it’s time to move on.

You Prefer Being Out to Be at Home

Home should be your sanctuary. We all have busy lives that necessitate being elsewhere at times – out with friends, in the office, or down the gym – but if you are happy in your home you will want to spend time there when you can. If you’ve reached the stage where you prefer being at work to being at home or you’re going out at any opportunity, this could be because you are ready to move house.

You’ve Stopped Inviting Friends Round

When you are happy in your home it is natural you want to share it with friends and family. Christmas drinks and summer barbecues are the norms, and you invite your nearest and dearest to visit for a weekend or come over to binge-watch the latest must-watch show. If you’ve stopped letting other people into your home, you are already distancing yourself from your property.

You’ve Given Up on Cleaning

If you love where you live you will want to keep it looking its best. When your home is your haven, pride will make you want to keep it clean and tidy, especially if you enjoy entertaining. When you reach the point that you can’t be bothered to clean, it’s a warning sign that it’s time to move on.

You Can’t Be Bothered with Maintenance

Much like with cleaning, if you’ve stopped caring about maintaining your home you could be ready for a move. It’s natural to want to invest in your home if you are happy there – it is, quite literally, building for your future. When you find a place you can imagine staying in long-term, you might even opt for costly extensions or loft conversions to make the space even more perfect. If you’ve let your home fall into disrepair and you’ve put off basic maintenance tasks, this could be because mentally you’ve already checked out.

You Spend All Your Free Time on Property Websites

Daydreaming about moving is common, as is being nosey when a neighbor’s house comes up for sale. Everyone wants to know what houses nearby are worth and checking them out on property websites feels more polite than asking outright. However, if you are spending every evening looking at other houses online, ask yourself if this is because you are ready to find a new home. And if you are, contact a local estate agent such as Henley Charles.

Are ready to move and find a new home that ticks all your boxes? You may find it improves both your mental and physical health and gives you a new lease on life.

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