5 Trending Swimming Pool Tiles and Texture Designs

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Gone are the days when simple rectangular pools were the most fashionable choice to design and elaborate the swimming pools or any water features in your house. Today, the concept has undergone a thorough metamorphosis and the uber-stylish trending designs of tiles come in many shapes, sizes and textures. Here’s a look into the trending stuff of the recent times.Glass-Swimming-Pool-Tiles

Glass Tile

Providing a truly vintage look, the glass stylish are trending these days for their elegant finish and extraordinary sheen. An entire pool, elaborated with glass looks artsy. Nowadays, a lot of improvisations are made in the glass tiles to deal with the weather conditions.

Porcelain TilePool-Porcelain-Tile

Porcelain tiles are highly favored nowadays for decorating the swimming pools. The best advantage of porcelain is that they do not absorb heat and henceforth offers an excellent paving option for pool deck and a waterline tile. Porcelain tiles are also harder and less brittle than stone The designs especially preferred porcelain for embellishing the black colored reflecting pools.

Mosaic TilesMosaic-Pool-Tiles

Opt for mosaic tile, when you are obsessed about a colorful look. No matter, what’s the size of your pool, mosaic tiles can aptly fit with it. Providing a beautiful combination of different colors, designs, and even sizes, mosaic tiles can be effectively used in the bottom of your pool and in the sides for an overall design. If you are using it at the bottom of your pool, make sure to your pool cleaners crystal clear it thoroughly every year, to get rid of the molds, algae, or other chemical build up.

Brick TilesBrick-Pool-Tiles

For sporting a majestic look, the brick tiles are the best. Though brick should be the basic red,, it’s available in other colors as well. But if you want to stick to a vintage feel along with the plush look, the red is the best. Brick is a porous product and it’s important to make sure that the brick tiles are effectively sealed so that the water does not seep in. Else the entire decoration will be damaged. Apply the sealant to keep the tiles stick with each other at the regular interval.

Stone Pool TilesStone-Pool-Tiles

This is also one of the most preferred ones due to its majestic look and elegant finish. Those who are looking for a bit quirky design should opt for stone tiles in their pool deck. Similar to the brick pool, the stone is also porous, so it’s important to apply the sealant at a regular interval.

Bonus Tips:

You can add more value and customize your pool using the pool paints. Globo Surf has some great guides and tips that can help you choose the best pool paint for your pool It is excellent resistance to stains and fading, performs great on concrete and plastered pools, and restricts the passage of moisture.

When it comes to decorating your swimming pool, any of these swimming pool tiles texture can impart a plush look to your pool. But, there are certain considerations you must take note of before choosing the Miami pool contractors before leveraging their services.

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