6 Tips When Cleaning An Apartment

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Home cleaning is something that most people do not associate with happy faces and fun moments. By using the right equipment and setting, however, cleaning can be both fun and efficient. In this article, we, therefore, thought to share our 6 best tips when cleaning an apartment!

Clean Apartment Efficiently

With the right tools and attitude, everything, even cleaning, is efficient. If you follow the tips below, cleaning will be guaranteed to be a joy:

  1. Picking after you – By getting used to always picking after you, cleaning will be extremely easy. This applies, for example, to dishes, gadgets, and the like.
  2. Choose the right equipment – As mentioned above, it is important to choose the right equipment for cleaning to be effective. A good tip is to equip yourself with the right cleaning agents, rags, vacuum cleaners, and the like.
  3. Ventilation – By opening the windows even before you start cleaning, the apartment will feel much fresher once the work is done. A good tip is also to dust and dry the window sills in connection with this. In this way, any dirt goes down on the floor, which must be cleaned last.
  4. Dusting off shelves – After you have dusted the window sills around the home, you can advantageously dust off the shelves. Something that can either be done with a dustpan or cloth.
  5. Bathroom & Kitchen – Perhaps the most well-used spaces in your apartment. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly clean them. If you want to learn how to effectively clean these surfaces, you can read our previous article checklist cleaning at home.
  6. The floors – When both window sills, shelves, kitchen, and bathroom are clean, it’s time to get to grips with the last step – the floors. Start by vacuuming them followed by mopping.

When you move in

When you move in with us, your new apartment is cleaned. It is the tenant before you who is responsible for cleaning the apartment. Make a final inspection before you move in to check that the cleaning is approved. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning when you move in, contact your Landlord. If you move in before your move-in date, there will be no final inspection, but then it is you who approves the cleaning of the previous tenant.

When you move out

When you move out, it is important that you clean properly – the next tenant should be able to move in without further cleaning. All areas belonging to the apartment must be cleaned, including the balcony, storage room, and any garage. If you follow our checklist, it will be easier to make sure you do not forget anything! If it is carelessly cleaned, you may be required to pay for cleaning afterward.

Get Help From Calibre Cleaning To Clean An Apartment, Terraced House, Or Villa

If, on the other hand, you feel that the time or energy is not enough to clean the apartment, you can get help from us at Calibre Cleaning. By using Calibre Cleaning, you are guaranteed a perfect result and a clean home.

When you hire us, you also have the opportunity to use the RUT deduction. This means that you can deduct as much as 30% of the labor cost. If you compare the time and energy it takes to perform the deep clean Sydney, versus the price of hiring a professional company, it often pays to get help.

If you need help with the cleaning, have any further questions, or want a free quote, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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