7 Cities in The World Which are Not Liveable Without Air Condition


Hot weather is no longer subjective to particular regions. The availability of air conditions made an extensive impact on how people are using the same. According to a survey, last year alone saw a 55% rise in the sales in the Asia Pacific region.

People are trying to avoid the unbearable heat by turning on the AC to dangerous levels. Heating and air conditioning are two different atmospheric conditions. They are unable to understand the fact that the gases emitted by the air conditions are one among the culprits for the rise in temperatures.

With an increase in the use of ACs globally, there is a consistent rise in the temperatures, which is resulting in global warming. As nobody is a fan of hot atmospheric conditions, the following is a list of the cities where air condition is and has become a must to live comfortably.

  1. Jazan city, Saudi Arabia:

    Located along the Red Sea coast, the city may not reach outlandish summer temperatures. However, the consistency of the warm atmosphere requires the use of an AC.

  2. Bangkok, Thailand:

    Although it does not experience the extreme summer temperatures when compared with other cities, the trapped air pollution in the town increases temperature and humidity quickly for which AC is the only solution.

  3. Las Vegas, Nevada:

    Temperatures surge to 40˚C due to its location in the midst of the arid desert. The heat makes it impossible for tourists to prepare for a planned and unplanned trip to the gambling capital of the world.

  4. Hong Kong, China:

    Hong Kong is an uncomfortable city to live in during the ultra-wet season. Given the statistics, the city will not even make it to the top ten cities. However, the humidity and tropical climatic conditions make it worse. It is heard that heating and air condition play a crucial to provide a comfortable atmosphere that the human body needs.

  5. Mexicali, Mexico:

    Located at the centre of Baja California, the metropolis records 40˚C with ease. The inland desert-style location is the reason for hottest temperatures in the region. Fortunately, the inland placement helps to keep it away from Pacific Ocean’s temperature.

  6. Melbourne, Australia:

    Heating and air conditioning is a common activity for the city due to its unusual placement between the cool Southern Ocean coast and outback area.

  7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

    Although famous for shopping and cuisine, visitors remember it for all-around sweltering humidity because of its placement on the equator.

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