7 Home Appliances that Consume the most Electricity

Home Appliances Consume Electricity

Have you ever thought about how much Electricity your home Appliances must be consuming each day? Do you know which home appliances consume the most energy? During this pandemic, everyone is spending most of their time at home, which means longer TV hours, longer cooling hours, and more.

Moreover, because of this, looking for new ways to reduce energy costs in your home has never been more important. For example, some people have discovered that switching to a different energy supplier has enabled them to save a significant amount of money. Accordingly, if you are unhappy with the rising cost of your utility bills, then comparing a few different electricity companies in your area is a fantastic place to begin. For example, if you are based in Texas, reading reviews of energy companies such as these green mountain energy reviews on the Home Energy Club website can help you to plan your next steps. Ultimately, although you might not be able to stop using your appliances, switching energy providers can be a wonderful way to save money.

If we start calculating Electricity consumed by each home appliance, it would be endless, so will be the bill. So, we must try to lessen the time of using those appliances to reduce our electricity cost.

List of the Home appliances consuming the most Electricity

The very first step in saving electricity consumption is using better quality home appliances. There are several heavy electricity consumption appliances, including lights, fans, kitchen appliances, and others. Let’s start with the most energy-consuming devices.

Air Conditioners

This is a necessity that most people have at their homes these days. You must know that air conditioners and room heaters are a significant energy consumption source during summer and room heater is one during winter. These appliances consume 47% of the energy. You can go for heat pumps or gas heaters as these are better. 


Another most vital appliance that we all can’t live without these days is the TV. Also, many people shifted to OTT for entertainment during the lockdown. Long TV hours can be the primary reason for having a high electricity bill. You can switch to those TVs that consume lesser energy than these for your betterment. 

Washing Machines

People these days are entirely dependent on home appliances, even for laundry purposes. Laundry at home is also a primary reason for high electricity bills, which consume 13% of energy.


I know you would be confused; why iron? But let me tell you that it can consume Electricity. While ironing, we need to keep it on for the whole duration, which means it Is constantly heating. It would be best to choose ISI-approved items where you’d also get the flexibility of dry ironing, ironing with the stream, and more. 

Water Heater

A water heater device is another potent source of energy consumption. It consumes a lot of Electricity while you need to heat water for a shower and washing clothes. The time required to complete the cycle is a lot, and it almost consumes 13% of the energy. 


The most vital appliance that everyone needs at home, but we all know we need to keep it 24/7, which means it consumes maximum energy. But, it is incredible that many companies are inventing the modernized refrigerator that consumes lesser power.

Light Bulbs

Even though light bulbs consume less Electricity and are small, we use them most of the time. We forget to turn them off when not in the room, which leads to overuse them unnecessarily leads to an increase in the bill by accumulating energy consumption.

Wrapping Up

Home appliances are the necessity of our daily lives, and we cannot stop using them, but we can use better quality products and those that consume less energy. I hope you’ll find this article helpful and try to control the energy consumption rates.

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