7 Stunning Autumn Wedding Ideas

Autumn Wedding IdeasIf you’ve chosen an autumn wedding date, you’re in luck. Autumn is possibly the most beautiful season for a wedding. There’s a certain magic to fall ceremonies, with fallen leaves covering the ground outside your venue, and the chilly outside temperature making your ceremony even cosier and more inviting.

But to make your autumn wedding as enchanting as possible, planning is key. So to help you plan your dream day, here are seven stunning autumn wedding ideas.

1: Fill Your Bouquet with Autumn Colours

Using beautiful, burnt autumn colours, you can create a picture-perfect bouquet your guests will be desperate to catch. With rich reds, oranges, yellows and greens, your bouquet will capture the spirit of autumn and put a seasonal spin on your wedding gown.

2: Embrace a Beautifully Modest Wedding Dress

With the summer months over, temperatures will start to drop throughout autumn, and it can get pretty chilly. So when choosing your wedding dress, it’s worth selecting a dress that gives you enough coverage to protect you from the chill. The last thing you want is to shiver your way down the aisle!

Modest wedding dresses can provide the coverage you need, and with more material, there’s plenty of room for intricate detailing and beautiful features.

3: Create a Seasonal Wedding Menu

Let’s be honest, when you flip the calendar to September, your mind fills with the thought of delicious autumn snacks. From pumpkin spiced lattes and toffee apples to butternut squash-inspired meals, autumn is an incredible season for foodies.

So why not include some of your favourite autumn delicacies on your wedding menu? Greet your guests with a cup of hot cocoa or freshly baked cookies. You could even swap your wedding cake for a seasonal fruit pie.

4: Bring the Outside InWedding-Arch

Nature is what makes autumn the most beautiful and colourful season. So if you want to make the most of the season at your wedding, consider bringing the outside in.

Decorate your venue with autumnal plants and foliage, or choose a place with grounds as beautiful as the interior. You could get creative with a leafy backdrop, a floral archway or trellis.

Nature can even help you decorate your tables. Why not use wooden, tree branch coasters or tree stumps to hold lanterns or candles?

5: Use Amber Candles for a Warm Glow

One of the biggest benefits of an autumn wedding is the cosy atmosphere you can create when it’s cold outside. As the day draws to a close, and night falls, you can use candles or lanterns to create a warm, inviting and – let’s not forget – romantic atmosphere. If you’re not allowed real candles, you can always use electric tea lights.

Just make sure any lighting you use has a soft amber glow – this will be much warmer and more welcoming than bright light.

6: Have Umbrellas at the Ready

No matter how much you plan for your wedding, there’s one thing you can’t control, especially not in autumn – the weather. During this season, the weather can be unpredictable, and you may experience a downfall at some point during your day.

But as long as you prepare, a spot of rain doesn’t have to interrupt events. Have plenty of umbrellas ready for you, your partner and your guests. This way, even if it does rain, you can still enjoy the grounds of your venue, and protect your outfits from the weather.

If possible, try to get lots of matching umbrellas. If everyone has the same umbrella, it can make for some effective wedding photos.

7: Make Use of Pumpkins

If your wedding falls around Halloween, pumpkins are going to be everywhere. So why not include them in your wedding?

You could use pumpkins to hold candles, decorate the entrance to your venue or the tables. If you can find a pumpkin large enough, you could fill it with ice and turn it into a drinks cooler. You could even use scooped-out pumpkins instead of bowls if you’re serving a seasonal stew or something similar. Who knew there were so many pumpkin decor options?

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