9 Awesome Ways to Spend Your “Me” Day

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Ways-Spend-Me-DayCareer, family, social life, work, marriage, parenthood – the cycle goes on until you feel like you’re starting to lose yourself.

While unintentional, people spend more time caring for and ensuring others’ happiness before their own. But this needs to change – right here, right now. After all, a tree cannot bear fruit without getting the care it needs to grow and flourish.

Having time to focus on yourself is vital in ensuring that you not only have the capacity to love others but also to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy.

Wondering what you can do to spend your “me” day to the fullest? Here are nine awesome ideas you should try:

1. Get a good night’s sleep.

Before you head out to your favorite salon or restart a hobby you’ve set aside for so long, you must first get a good night’s rest.

Rest is critical to the success of your self-care day because, without it, you won’t have the energy to go all out.

Get a few extra minutes of shuteye or stay in bed for a little longer, even if you wake up early. Avoid rushing out and take your sweet time switching gears. This way, you’ll be able to savor every moment from the very beginning of your “me” day.

2. Meditate.

Meditation helps clear and detoxify the mind, so don’t forget to include it in your self-care day itinerary. Even a quick minute-long meditation and focused breathing will help increase your awareness of your emotions, sensations, and entire body.

3. Get pampered.

Your “me” day won’t be complete without pampering. Be it one, two, or all of the tiniest pleasures you want, the key is to treat yourself to things that make you feel good and just do whatever suits you.

Get a massage or have your nails done just for the sheer pleasure of it. You can even get a facial in Dubai if that’s what it takes to make you feel like yourself again.

Even some at-home alternatives like moisturizing your face or spending some extra time in the shower or tub would do.

Just don’t forget that you don’t need to keep it meager. Be selfish every once in a while. The energy and revitalization you get from the activity will fill your glass to the brim so you could once again give it your all at work, home, or life in general.

4. Go out and stay in.

This may sound contradictory, but going out and staying in is actually one of the best ways to spend your “me” day. How? By booking a staycation at a hotel.

If you’ve been eyeing a luxury spa hotel nearby (or even out of town), book yourself an overnight stay. Relish your “me” time with a bubble bath and don’t rush out to get dinner – order room service instead. Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in bed while binge-watching your favorite shows and movies on the hotel TV.

Do whatever you want on that day. Also, don’t pressure yourself unnecessarily by cramming too many activities into one overnight stay. If possible, have the entire weekend off.

Sometimes, what you need is time away from your home, work, and everything else in your life. This will help take your mind off of the stresses of your day-to-day undertakings. You’ve already spent a lot of time on those things; what you need right now is to savor your alone time to put your mind at ease.

5. Disconnect.

Social media and the internet are there to make life easier, but sometimes, they also become the primary source of toxicity in your life.

That said, it would be best to disconnect from these platforms on your “me” day. Since the goal is to allow you to destress, you must avoid stressors at all costs, even if that means going silent for one full day on Facebook or Instagram.

6. Exercise.

Exercise triggers the release of endorphins – the “feel-good” neurotransmitters that help eliminate the stress you feel from your hectic daily schedule.

It doesn’t matter what exercise you perform. So long as you engage in some form of physical activity – be it cycling, walking, dancing, and running, you can reap the benefits for your mental wellbeing.

7. Do what you love.

Have you been putting off that crocheting project you wanted to finish for some time now? Or perhaps you haven’t been able to hold a paintbrush in a while and wish to express your inner thoughts through painting?

Your self-care day is the perfect time to focus on something you love to do but haven’t been able to. You can even catch up on your favorite TV show through various streaming services available today.

The key is to do at least one thing you love, not because it earns you money or is crucial for someone else’s happiness, but because it brings you joy.

8. Go shopping.

Whether retail therapy is scientifically proven effective is out of the question.

Just go ahead and shop for a new outfit, book, or any item that will make you feel good on your “me” day. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Just the feeling of getting something for yourself may be enough to lift your spirits.

9. Start a journal.

As a teenager, you probably kept a diary hidden under your pillow or mattress where you freely wrote all your thoughts, fears, insecurities, and struggles without getting judged or punished.

At the time, didn’t it feel good to let all of those out of your head and put them to words? You may have even felt like your life and purpose seemed clearer.

If you stopped doing this, then your self-care day is the best time to pick up the pen once more and put your feelings into words in what is now called “journaling.”

Besides serving as an outlet for your pent-up frustrations and thoughts that you believe won’t bide well with others, journaling is also recommended as a way of appreciating the good things in your life.

So, aside from your problems, don’t forget to list down the things you’re grateful for. Whether it’s a forthcoming promotion at work or even a simple “I love you, mama” from your child, writing down the things you’re thankful for makes the positive feelings flow from your pen and paper to your heart.

Today is All About You

Having a “me” day is not a selfish act – far from it, actually. By spending some time for yourself, you replenish your energy and boost your emotional, mental, and physical capacity to bring joy to the people around you.

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