Guide to Picture Framing

A Complete Guide to Picture Framing

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Guide to Picture Framing

Frames not only enhance the grace of a picture but also make sure that the picture remains perfect for life. But an improper framing can spoil all your efforts. This is why many people chose to buy customized prefabricated frames, but those who are a bit mechanically inclined prefer creating their own frames. But, making one is not that easy. So, here we have some basics about picture framing that will be a good guide for your picture framing project.

1. Get a mat or canvas stretcher

Whether it a mat or canvas stretch that does not matter. Mats are flat, protective supports used for paper artwork so that it gets a proper foundation. This way, mat framings make a good choice when it’s used for archival or conservation framing. Moreover, mats are acid – free.

On the other hand, a canvas stretcher is best for the artwork created on canvas fabric. It helps in keeping the artwork hung. The interlocking wooden frame that comes with a canvas stretcher helps the canvas to be wrapped and stapled perfectly onto the frame however, make sure that the canvas artwork is so placed within a frame so that no excess canvas remains exposed.

2. Measure the Artwork

Depending on the size of the artwork, the frames have to be designed accordingly. Though it’s the most difficult part of picture and photographer framing, there are some easy ways to go about it. The standard is to measure is to place the picture behind a frame’s picture window. For example, if you are having an 8 x 11-inch photo that will be placed within the window with no border, make sure that the frame size should also be 8 x 11 inches as well. But, if the photo has a two-inch border around its edges and the artwork will hang, the frame should measure 10 x 13 inches.

A great way to measure the width and height of a picture for a frame is to use a tape measure and make sure the picture is absolutely flat.

3. Place a picture on the Mat

Before you apply an artwork on the mat for framing, first of all, determine that the mat needs to be cut according to the custom size. For this purpose, you can use a specially-designed mat cutter or regular utility knife. While cutting the mat, make sure that the mats have to be an eighth of an inch smaller than a frame’s picture window. So, adjustments should be made carefully. Once done, the desired size of the mat should be marked accordingly. It helps in cutting the mat properly.

4. Applying picture on canvas stretcher

Purchase stretcher bars that appropriately fit with the dimensions of a picture and then lock them tightly into place. The canvas face should be placed side down on a table and the stretcher should be on the top of the back of the canvas. You can also use a staple gun to fit the things in place. Stretch the canvas as flat as possible.

Picture frame is the most critical part but if done properly, you can save a lot of money and time too. Also, you can add a personalized touch by making it all your own.

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