14 Alternate Uses for Tea Bags Beyond Making Tea

Alternate Uses for Tea Bags

Tea might not command the same fanatical following as coffee, but you can still find it in most homes and offices. Millions of tea bags are used by us for drinking black, green, herbal, and iced tea. Tea is an important drink that we consume daily in the morning and afternoon. It give us with energy, nutrients, and minerals.

You might not realize that you can use tea bags for more than just making a hot drink. Tea bags on the eyes are one example, but there are many more.

14 Uses for Tea Bags

So jump in with us and learn some of the many uses for tea bags.

1. Blisters

Placing tea bags on blisters helps reduce the odds of an infection and promotes faster healing.

2. Bruises

The same anti-inflammatory effect that lessens razor burn can also help speed up bruise healing.

3. Foot Bath

Plagued by foot odor? Soak your feet in tea. It will reduce the smell and help kill off odor-causing bacteria.

4. Razor Burn

Common teas like black, white, and green teas contain tannic acids. Tannic acids reduce inflammation.

5. Insect Bites

It is hard to avoid insect bites in the summer. If you make some sun tea, though, keep the bags to put on the bites. It helps cut down on the itching.

6. Composting

Composting is great for disposing of organic scraps. Used tea bags give the compost an extra kick of nitrogen, which improves soil composition.

7. Flavor Foods

Want to liven up your pasta? Hang a used tea bag or two in the water while it comes to a boil. The pasta will absorb the tea flavor while it cooks.

8. Gas or Bloating

Everyone suffers from the occasional bout of gas or bloating. The right herbal tea can help relieve your stomach.

9. Bleeding Gums

Ever get a little too enthusiastic with the dental floss and end up making your gums bleed? Press a used tea bag on the spot. The caffeine and tannic acids will cut blood flow and inflammation.

10. Washing Dishes

Stuck on food and grease are tough to get off. Soak them in a sink with a few used tea bags. The weak tea helps break the food and grease free.

11. Hair Conditioner

Toss a used tea bag in a cup of water to brew a weak tea. You can use the tea as a hair rinse after shampooing. It helps improve the shine of your hair. This is best for those with dark hair, as tea can act like a dye.

12. Furniture Cleaning

Tea is astringent. That makes a weak tea ideal for furniture cleaning, as it helps lift dirt off the wood.

13. Household Odor Reduction

Tea bags absorb smells much like baking soda. Toss a few into your trash or your fridge. Want to take it to the next level? Mix some used tea leaves into cat litter.

14. Tea Bags on Eyes for Puffiness

Tea bags on eyes take advantage of caffeine. Caffeine reduces blood flow, which cuts down on puffiness.

Used tea bags might look like trash, but they are not. You can use them for everything from household cleaning and odor reduction to healing and food prep.

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