The Art of Making Money From Smartphone Photography

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Millions of people are using smartphones to take pictures worldwide today. And did you know that this makes up about 85% of the overall photography in the world?

In this resource, we will explore differently proven ways to earn money online using the art of making money from smartphone photography. It’s a skill that can serve at its best and help you earn extra cash -only if you are passionate about making the most of your cell phone.

The Trending Smartphone Photography

Smartphones are revolutionizing the world with the latest photography trend, according to the stats provided by Statista.

Back in 2017, people captured 1.2 trillion photos. Out of all those photos, nearly 85% were taken using mobile phones. The most significant reason is the portable devices people carry around all time with high-resolution image quality.

Some interesting facts about photography as a career

  • Photography’s job outlook is expected to group 17% by 2030
  • Photographers are natural editors too they have this instinct and thinking capability to change, and edit photographs. Do you know that 90% of creators use photoshop to edit their images? And people actually pay them to edit their pictures like blurring and changing the background or adding colors. If you have the skills mentioned above you can even edit photoshop images
  • The new generation apple devices with liquid retina display push the boundaries of your imagination when it comes to editing. Apple Pencil is one of the best tools to precisely edit images if you’re using an ios device, if you think they are too expensive head over to Apple pencil trade-in sites. Make a small investment and then earn through your skills
  • There is no industry that doesn’t need a photographer today. Be it the fashion and business industry, travel, or auto industry each one of them needs you to show their work as professionally as possible.

How Can You Earn Money Selling Smartphone Photos Online?

Thanks to technology, we no more need large dedicated cameras to capture high-quality images. We use our cell phones developed each year to take photos. This cell phone image drive is so compelling that it took the form of a great full-time or passive income-generating idea for thousands of people. 

Now that we know that it is possible to make money with mobile phone photography, it is understood that everyone can do this work online.

Time to dive into the details. You should use any or some of the following modes for selling your digital photographs.

1. Photo Selling Apps

Photo-selling apps allow you to upload photos taken from your cell phone onto their platforms. They pay you cash and sell them further to their clients. Nowadays, there are plenty of such apps on the market.

You have to sign up to get a free account and are good to go. Then, you can upload your pictures on the ‘market,’ where people are typing the keywords relevant to your photos and can be potential buyers for the app business owners.

What’s different is different apps pay you differently. This is because their remuneration structure is different from each other. You must research before selecting which app goes best for you regarding the payout. The competition is high, but if you are an amazing photographer, then the sky’s the limit!

Stock Photo Sites

Stock photo sites are a fantastic way to find millions of beautiful copyright-free photographs. These are one of the most popular ways to get amazing photos in a few clicks. If you are not familiar with stock photo websites yet, visit the best stock photo websites in 2022.

You get the advantage of accessing all generic photos for almost any category. This includes family, lifestyle, life sciences, business, work-related, educational images, etc. Note that stock photo sites are much more than the display gallery for photos stock. People are earning their bread and butter using these valuable digital platforms.

The photo selling process on stock photo websites is almost similar to the mobile photo selling apps. You have to create an account and begin uploading the photographs for the buyers to find. We recommend research for the commission structure anyway. It mostly differs for each site on the internet.

Print-on-Demand Sites

The most exciting method for online earning through selling mobile phones is the Print-on-Demand (POD) website. You can be as creative as possible to send your images to print on t-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets, stickers, wall art, and much more. Moreover, it’s a wonderful way of earning decent amounts of cash.

You only upload your photos after signing in, and they take care of the rest, from printing to delivery! After a sale, you get your cut from the money earned. While you gain more audience and build your identity as a photographer.

Make finding easier for the people by adding descriptions and briefs of the pictures. Hashtags, however, are most important for more and more people to see your photos and sell them.

POD sites are free. They do not profit from the membership fee but from the sales profits. So, set up your e-shop, upload amazing images and reap the benefits. You keep making cash as long as the site is there on the web. You always retain the rights to your photos, which is a plus!

Set Up Your Own Website

This option is for advanced and more practical photographers. Setting up your own website lets you put your work and sell it to buyers without the involvement of a third-party website. If you are a blogger, install Fotomoto on your blog, it is a Print-on-Demand POD plug-in.

Fotomoto turns your blog into an e-commerce store. It allows visitors to your site to buy your image there and then. Many people are earning very well from such e-commerce stores being site owners. The difficulty with this earning method is that you must fulfill the customers’ orders and respond to complaints and queries while also dealing with the deliveries.

The art of making money from smartphone photography is as simple as that! If you are searching for used cell phones near me or sell electronics near me.

Who Will Buy From You?

Working individuals, brands, and companies, of course! Brands and businesses find buying photos from stock photography services more economical than professionals. This way, they get more creative and genuine stuff, not the showy images from professional agencies. You can help them with your creativity and get much more than keeping memories on your phone.

Key Takeaway

Above are the proven ways to explain the art of making money from smartphone photography. Your smartphone camera is something that puts a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Make the most of it, be creative, and be different. Improve your smartphone photography and start earning through any of these avenues.

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