Florist Benefits Choose Wedding Flowers

The Benefits Of Using A Florist To Help You Choose Your Wedding Flowers

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Florist Benefits Choose Wedding Flowers

The average cost of wedding flowers in the US is around $1,970, as reported by the Bridal Association of America (BAA). This cost is inclusive of the bride’s bouquet, flower girl’s flowers, bridesmaids’ bouquets, decorations, and corsages. Flowers generally make the wedding venue, as well as the bridal team, look elegant, creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere of love and affection. This means you should take your time to choose the best wedding flowers since the type of flowers you use can play a great role in the outcome of the wedding. Although it needs time and patience. Here’s a look at the benefits of using a florist to help you choose your wedding flowers.

Saves Time

When you’re planning a wedding on short notice, you need all the help you can get. Instead of going to the store yourself to buy flowers, you can hire a qualified florist to do it for you as you focus on other aspects of the wedding. This will help a great deal in saving time and making plans move faster.

Saves You the Hassle of Choosing Flowers

Red roses are among the most common wedding flowers in the US. However, there are more than 100 species of roses, which can also blend well in your wedding. With such many options at hand, it may take you months to settle for the types of flowers you want for your wedding. Also, your bouquet will definitely be different from those of your bridesmaids, and that’s why you need time to pick the unique one. Thankfully, the best florist can easily choose the right wedding flowers for the arch and this saves you all the hassle.

Get Good-Quality Flowers

With many types of flowers available, it may be difficult for you to settle for the highest quality. For instance, some flowers, particularly those with soft stems, tend to wither faster, and such may ruin your wedding if it takes longer. An experienced florist knows how to choose flowers that won’t disappoint you at your wedding. Take note that a good florist can also show you how to slow down the withering process of freshly-cut flowers.

Save Costs

Currently, the flower market size in the U.S. is over $15 billion, with Americans spending more than 2.3 billion on flowers on Valentine’s Day alone, as reported by Statista. This shows just how competitive yet lucrative the flower industry is, and why you should take advantage of discounts on the market. Some sellers tend to charge exorbitant prices on flowers when the demand goes up. Luckily, you can use the help of an experienced florist who knows how to navigate the paths and find affordable yet classy flowers for your wedding. Since the sellers probably recognize him/her, they can also possibly offer discounts on your wedding flowers. The good news is that you can hire staff from Red Earth Flowers to help you choose your wedding flowers.


One of the secrets of having a glamorous wedding is choosing the right wedding flowers. However, choosing the right flowers can be a challenge, so you should find a florist to help you choose your wedding flowers.

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