Shapewear Must-Have Pieces

The Best Shapewear Guide – 4 Must-Have Pieces You Should Own

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Shapewear Must-Have Pieces

Finding the right shapewear is never an easy task. There are so many things that one has to have in mind. In order to find the best wholesale shapewear for you and your specific needs. This is why I have summed up a little guide on finding a reliable supplier for you and also 4 pieces that I think are a must-have and that you should own.

If you are looking to get the best ones at the best prices, I recommend a top shapewear supplier: Wholesaleshapeshe. You’re probably wondering who they are, right? Well, they are a very renowned international supplier and manufacturer of activewear and shapewear that was founded back in 2017. They are proud of how much knowledge and skills in design, production as well as research, and development they have accumulated over the years.

A variety of body shapers, such as shapewear, activewear, and waist trainers for men and women. All of their products are made with the most advanced technology so they come out with the best and highest quality. They’re always making sure their products will satisfy all their customers’ requirements.

Our top tips to find the best and right shapewear

Nowadays, shapewear has gotten so popular that it comes in so many styles and fabrics, but this makes it hard for you to actually know which one will be the best for your body and also for your wardrobe. So, the following are our best tips to find them.

For starters, you need to stick to your size. Why do we say this? Because sometimes women tend to size down for extra firmness, but this actually will only cause discomfort and bulges and it can even make you look bigger.

Another good tip is to choose medium constriction if you want to smooth lines and a stronger one if what you want is a total figure transformation. If your garment has a higher nylon content the garment will alter your shape the most. Another way to find out how much shaping the shapewear will give is by touching the fabric. If it’s lightweight it will just smooth some targeted spots, while heavier pieces will give you more compression to suck your body into the desired shape.

Also, have in mind which clothing pieces and occasions you will be using your shapewear for, so you choose right. Just so you know you’ll be able to find any wholesale body shaper at Wholesaleshapeshe. Why? Because they have a huger range of options for everyone and also at the best prices.

The 4 must-haves

First on our list is Black Detachable Straps Side Zip Bodysuit Body Shaper. It has a zippered crotch for easy bathroom use. It has a butt-lifting design that will enhance your natural shape. The legs opening has dropping glue and also plastic bones on the side to prevent them from curling. They also have adjustable and detachable straps giving you a lot of options to wear them.

Second, on the list, we have Skin Large Size Full Body Shaper Solid Color Smooth lines. It has adjustable shoulder straps that give you more flexibility and comfort and an open crotch design that makes visits to the restroom easier.

Third, on the list, we have Body Panties Abdominal Crossover Three-layer Design Abdominal Control. They have as well an abdominal crossover three-layer design that flattens your abdomen. The crotch area has a hook-and-eye closure for easy bathroom visits. It’s perfect for summer wear thanks to its overall breathable mesh. Its draping techniques will give a natural butt-lifting effect.

And last but not least, we have the Beige High Elastic Mesh Panty Shapewear Plus Size Workout. Its shoulder straps can be adjusted and the high elastic mesh that the bust area has will fit different bust sizes. The crotch area has hooks for easy bathroom use and it has an inner layer of moisture-wicking fabric that makes it breathable and comfortable.

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