The 7 Best Super Fun Free Kids Games for PC

Kids Games for PC

Kids love playing games! Games allow children to have fun, be creative, learn new skills, and take a break from reality. In today’s digital age, there are tons of free kid’s games available to download on the computer. From puzzle games to art games to educational games, the options are endless. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best free PC games for kids in 2023. The games featured provide entertainment and learning opportunities for children of all ages. We’ll cover puzzle adventure games, polygon art creators, paint-by-number apps, dinosaur-themed games, and more! These kids games are all free to download on Windows PC.

So if you’re looking for screen-free activities for the kids on a rainy day or just want to add some new titles to their computer, read on for a list of the top picks!

Push Puzzle: Rescue Adventure

Push Puzzle: Rescue Adventure is a challenging 3D puzzle game suitable for ages 5 and up. Kids must push and pull the puzzle pieces to guide the main character through each level. 

The goal is to rescue the explorer character’s puppy from the maze-like puzzles. There are over 100 puzzles to solve, taking kids through ancient ruins, dense jungles, snowy mountains, and more.

As players advance, the puzzles become more complex and introduce new elements like switches, movable boxes, and keys. This engages problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

The visuals feature vibrant colors in a block-style 3D environment. The puzzles are immersive and give a feeling of going on an adventure. With no time limits or penalties, kids can take their time and figure out the solutions.

This is an excellent pick for kids who like spatial reasoning puzzles with increasing challenges. The puzzles are very satisfying to complete!

Polygon Art 4

Unleash kids’ creativity with Polygon Art 4! This digital painting app lets kids make beautiful low polygon art creations.

Polygon Art 4 offers a range of simple tools for drawing and coloring polygon shapes. Kids can choose from different brush sizes, colors, and fill effects.

They can make all kinds of low poly animals, objects, nature scenes and more. Everything is made up of colorful polygon shapes.

Some of the features kids will love are:

  • Sticker mode – Add cute low poly stickers like animals, food, vehicles
  • Pattern mode – Fill shapes with cool preset patterns including camouflage, galaxy, retro
  • Color shades – Choose from a palette of fresh, bright colors 
  • Drawing guides – Use geometric line guides to easily align shapes
  • Undo – Erase mistakes with the undo button

The artwork can be saved and printed to proudly display your child’s polygon creations!

Polygon Art 4 is totally free for PC. It’s an excellent introduction to digital art for younger kids. They’ll have so much fun building unique low poly artworks.

Paint by Numbers 4 

Paint by Numbers 4 takes the classic painting concept to a digital format perfect for kids.

Kids choose an image and Paint by Numbers 4 converts it into a numbered painting canvas. Each numbered shape is filled with a color corresponding to the number.

It’s then up to the kids to fill in all the shapes with the correct colors. As they go, the painting comes to life!

Some of the great features for kids include:

  • Big catalog of images – Animals, landmarks, nature, space  
  • Colorful palette – Vibrant colors to fill in the shapes
  • Easy tools – Big brushes, fill button, undo 
  • Relaxing music – Gentle background audio
  • Zone fill – Quickly fill shapes by section
  • Auto save – Resume paintings anytime

No artistic skill is required. Kids just match the colors to the corresponding numbers. It’s an engaging way for them to bring stunning paintings to life!

The completed paintings can be saved and shared. Overall, it’s a stress-free, creative activity kids will love.

Modern Art 2

Does your kid enjoy making art on the computer? Modern Art 2 allows kids to create dazzling modern art paintings in digital form.

There are tons of tools to unleash your child’s inner artist! They can add colorful shapes, lines, patterns, and more to a blank canvas.

Some of the features kids will enjoy are:

  • Symmetrical drawing – Easily create symmetrical art 
  • Lines and curves – Use the line and curve tools to outline shapes
  • Cool patterns – Add patterns like checkers, swirls, and mosaics
  • Fun colors – Choose from a vibrant color palette
  • Stencils – Use stencils of trees, people, animals and the sun
  • Stickers – Decorate with artsy stickers
  • Drawing guides – Use overlays to aid in composition
  • Undo – Erase mistakes

Modern Art 2 offers a welcoming space for kids to make awesome digital drawings. They can create abstract art, landscapes, portraits and so much more.

The artwork can be saved to the computer or printed out. With a ton of tools and easy controls, kids will have endless fun with this modern art studio!

Marble Puzzle Blast: Rescue Adventure

Guide a marble through challenging 3D puzzle tracks in Marble Puzzle Blast: Rescue Adventure.

Kids must tilt, slide, and drop the marble to collect stars and rescue the adventure characters. Each level has a unique puzzle to solve.

Some of the key features kids will enjoy are:

  • 130 clever puzzles – Winding tracks and tricky obstacles
  • 4 worlds – Pirate Cove, Ancient World, Lunar Base, and more 
  • Powerups – Magnets, cannons, boosters and more to help complete levels
  • No timers or limits – Kids can solve at their own pace
  • Bonus levels – Optional levels with unique objectives  
  • Auto save – Resume right where you left off

With increasingly tricky puzzles, this game keeps kids engaged as their spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills grow.

The puzzles are wrapped in an exciting rescue adventure theme that kids will love. Marble Puzzle Blast provides hours of free entertainment!

Polygon Art 3

Polygon Art 3 is the perfect creative outlet for kids who love digital art. They can use low-poly tools to make beautiful pictures.

The app provides everything needed to build unique low-poly artwork. Kids can stretch and shape colorful polygon stickers into all kinds of animals, people, buildings, nature scenes and more.

Some of the features kids will enjoy are:

  • Sticker shapes – Drag, rotate and scale stickers to create images
  • Sticker sets – Variety packs like ocean, arctic, vehicles, geometry  
  • Color options – Bright, vibrant color selections
  • Patterns – Stripes, dots, mosaics and more to decorate
  • Symmetry tool – Easily make symmetrical shapes  
  • Undo – Erase unwanted changes
  • Magnify – Zoom in for detailed precision 

Polygon Art 3 lets kids easily create low poly artwork that looks amazing. Their imaginations can run wild building low poly worlds!

The artwork can be saved to the device or printed out. With intuitive creative tools, Polygon Art 3 is an excellent kids introduction to digital art.

Paint by Numbers 3

Paint by Numbers 3 brings the classic paint by number technique to a kid-friendly digital format.

Kids can choose from a wide selection of images including animals, nature, space, sports and more. Each image is converted into a numbered grid canvas.

It’s then up to the kids to fill in the corresponding numbered shapes with the correct colors. As they color in the shapes, a beautiful painting emerges!

Some of the key features kids will love are:

  • Big catalog of images – Unicorns, tigers, landscapes, and more
  • Colorful palette – Vibrant color selections for filling in shapes 
  • Intuitive tools – Easy fill, erase and zoom
  • Creativity options – Customize with your own colors and shapes
  • Relaxing music – Gentle background audio   
  • Auto save – Resume partially completed paintings  
  • Galleries – View completed community paintings

Paint by Numbers 3 provides an engaging, meditative painting activity. Kids will have so much fun watching their paintings come to life!

It’s also a screen-free activity that boosts concentration. There are tons of cool images to explore and recreate.


Well there you have it – a megaton of fantastic free games for the kiddos to enjoy! With puzzles, art creators, painters, exciting adventures, and educational games, their screens will be occupied for ages. Just remind them to take a snack break now and then!

Kids these days have incredible worlds of entertainment available right on the family computer. Heck, getting them to turn off the PC and go outside to play might be the next challenge! But with the rain pouring down or temperatures scorching, these free kids titles offer hours of wholesome indoor fun.

So gather the little ones around the monitor and let their imaginations run wild! With endless games to explore, you might have to set up a schedule for turns. Let the clamor for creativity and puzzles begin!

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