Building Inspections Perth – What to Expect in WA

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Building-Inspections-perthDo you have a. home or other types of building that is ready for another building inspection?  Every single year there are going to be certain items that are going to need to be inspected in order to make sure that your building is going to be safe to live in and up to code.  Some of the more common items that a building inspector is going to look for will include various backflow preventers, boilers, elevators (if applicable), facades and sprinklers, and even the entire plumbing system.

If you are not ready and have not done the proper maintenance to make sure that these things are operating in top shape, you may find yourself being surprised by the results that your building inspector is going to give you, especially if the end result is that your building is a Life Safety Violation.  Here is what you can expect whenever you have to deal with a building inspector.

Different Types of Building Inspections

It is going to be very important for you to understand that not all inspections are going to be performed on the same exact day, meaning that you can expect certain components or systems to be inspected at the same time, not the entire building.  Some of these types of inspections are going to include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Boilers
  • Façade Maintenance
  • Elevators
  • Permit Inspections
  • Sprinkler Systems (indoor sprinkler systems, not the outdoor ones that keep the landscaping plush and green all year)

What to Expect During a Building Inspection

When you are going to have an independent building inspection, there are going to be certain things that will happen which you should be aware of.  While every building inspector is going to be different and every building inspection will not be the same, here is what you can expect when it comes time for your building to be inspected.

The building inspector is going to arrive at your building.  When this happens, they are going to introduce themselves and let you know the exact reason that they are here.  On top of that, the inspector may or may not need to see certain documents and other schematics before they are able to start their inspection.  This is all going to be very straight forward and whatever the documents are that need to be verified are going to pertain solely to the inspection that is going to be done that day.

Once your building inspector has seen the appropriate paperwork, they will then start their inspection, making sure that they follow a very strict checklist.  This checklist is going to help ensure that there is nothing that is forgotten and will have space for the inspector to leave notes that they deem important.  If they come across any equipment that is not working or broken, they are going to note that down and you will need to fix it.  If there is something that needs to be repaired, it will normally come in the form of a violation notice, which will be followed up by a second building inspection.

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