Car Tire Pressure: How To Measure It?


For the safety of our car, it is always very important to keep tire pressure under control, let’s see how to check it

The correct pressure of the tires mounted on our car guarantees us safe driving. The ideal would be to measure it consistently and regularly, with intervals of about four weeks – therefore once a month. To do this in the best possible way, it would be necessary to do it on cold tires, since a reading carried out on warm tires could be higher, therefore distorted.

Tire pressure: how to measure it

Regardless of the four weeks suggested, it would also be good to measure tire pressure whenever you need to prepare for a long car ride. Inflated tires at the right point can truly save us from serious consequences on the road, which often tend to underestimate. Just think of what and how many negative effects a flat tire can cause: rubber explosion, hardness and difficulty in moving the steering wheel, significant lengthening of the braking distance – especially in wet conditions, poor resistance to the dangerous phenomenon of aquaplaning, rim wear and of the tread edges.

Be careful, however, as it is important that the tire pressure is right, as it was written in the title. It must therefore not even be too high, otherwise, we will have less contact surface between rubber and asphalt and this can cause other problems: reduction of grip on the road and driving comfort, accelerated wear of components, increased risk of damage to the tire. , deformation of the same and central wear of the tread.

The unit of measurement for tire pressure is the bar. Air compressor is used to fill the air in the tire and comes with a digital meter. The correct value is between 2.0 and 3.0 bar, depending on the vehicle. In the cold season, especially if you use winter tires, it is advisable to slightly increase the pressure by 0.2 bar, since the cold causes a slight decrease. Traveling outside this range accelerates tire wear and increases fuel consumption.

The pressure gauge is used to measure the tire pressure. It must be pressed against the valve. The digital one allows reading when a preset button is pressed, while the traditional one does so by means of a graduated bar that shows the pressure value.

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