Christmas Dinner Party – 6 Items You Can’t Go Wrong With

Christmas Dinner Party

The aroma of freshly baked dishes, the glittering decorations, and the warmth of a room filled with loved ones – these are just some of the joys that a Christmas dinner party brings. This occasion is not just about the meal; it is about the memories made, stories shared, and traditions honored. As the host, the onus of making this gathering unforgettable often falls on you. But fret not – with the right dishes gracing your table, you are already halfway there.

Choosing the perfect items for your Christmas dinner party can sometimes feel like a task, but when you pick the classics that have stood the test of time (and a few modern favorites), you re guaranteed to have a spread that will impress. Here are some items you can’t go wrong with, ensuring your guests leave with their hearts full and their taste buds satisfied.

1. Espresso Martini: The Modern Classic

While the origins of the Espresso Martini are relatively new compared to some other Christmas staples, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Why? Well, it brings together two beloved beverages: coffee and alcohol. For many, an after-dinner coffee is a tradition, and a pre-dinner cocktail is a treat. The Espresso Martini effortlessly fuses these two, making it a sophisticated choice for your Christmas gathering.

If you are looking to serve a drink that’s sure to get rave reviews, try this espresso martini recipe. The balance of strong espresso with the soft undertones of your chosen liquor finished with a hint of sweetness, makes it a favorite. Remember, the key lies in using freshly brewed espresso and shaking the mixture until it is ice-cold. Serve it in a martini glass with a few coffee beans on top for that added touch, and watch your guests’ eyes light up with delight.

2. Roast Turkey: The Quintessential Main

Christmas dinner without a roast turkey? It is almost unthinkable! The roast turkey has long been the centerpiece of the festive table, symbolizing abundance, celebration, and tradition.

Roasting a turkey might seem daunting, especially if it is your first time, but with a bit of preparation and some tried-and-tested tips, you will have a showstopper on your hands. First and foremost, always ensure your turkey is thoroughly thawed before roasting. This step guarantees even cooking. Basting the turkey regularly with its juices or some melted butter ensures the dish remains moist and the skin gets that coveted crispness. As for stuffing, it is a personal choice. Some prefer traditional bread stuffing, while others might opt for fruit or nut-based ones. Whatever you choose, it is bound to complement the rich flavors of the turkey.

3. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon: A Flavorful Side

Speaking of Brussels sprouts, these little green gems have unfortunately gotten a bad rap over the years. But when prepared right, they can steal the show. One word makes all the difference here: bacon.

Combining the earthy flavors of Brussels sprouts with the smoky, savory notes of bacon is a match made in culinary heaven. When these two come together, any reservations about Brussels sprouts quickly disappear. The trick is to roast them to perfection. You want the Brussels sprouts to be tender on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside. The bacon, meanwhile, adds a layer of richness and depth.

This dish is not just about taste, though. It is also about textures. The softness of the Brussels sprouts, combined with the crispy bacon bits, makes for an exciting side dish that both kids and adults will relish.

4. Creamy Mashed Potatoes: Comfort on a Plate

When you think of comfort food, mashed potatoes often come to mind. Soft, fluffy, and oh-so-delicious, these potatoes are the side dish that brings a touch of home to any meal. Especially during Christmas, they are the warm hug everyone craves on a cold evening.

Achieving the right consistency with mashed potatoes is key. You want them to be creamy, without any lumps, but not too runny either. The secret? Choose the right kind of potatoes. Starchy potatoes, like Russets or Yukon Gold, are ideal for mashing as they become beautifully soft and fluffy when cooked. After boiling the potatoes until they are fork-tender, it is essential to drain them well and let them dry a bit.

But what really elevates mashed potatoes to the next level? Butter and cream. These ingredients add a richness that’s hard to resist.

5. Plum Pudding: A Sweet Ending

No Christmas dinner is complete without a dessert that leaves a lasting impression. Enter the plum pudding. A traditional British dessert, this delicacy has been part of festive feasts for centuries. Its rich, fruity taste, combined with the deep flavors of spices, makes it a dessert worth waiting for.

Though called a ‘plum’ pudding, it is interesting to note that the main ingredients are raisins and currants, not plums. This dessert gets its name from the pre-Victorian use of the word ‘plums’ as a term for raisins. The pudding is a medley of dried fruits, suet, flour, sugar, and spices. Once all ingredients are combined, it is steamed for hours, resulting in a dense, moist dessert.

Serving the plum pudding is an event in itself. Tradition dictates that it should be brought to the table with a sprig of holly on top and then lit with brandy, creating a blue flame that dances on the pudding’s surface. It not only adds a touch of drama to your Christmas dinner but also adds a layer of flavor to the pudding.

6. Cheese Board: A Sophisticated Touch

After the sweet, it is time for something savory. A cheese board is a perfect way to end the meal on a sophisticated note. With its variety of cheeses, fruits, and nuts, it is a palate cleanser and a delightful way to wrap up the feast.

Setting up a cheese board is like creating a work of art. You start with a variety of cheeses – soft, hard, blue, and aged. Each cheese brings its texture and flavor to the board. Brie, with its creamy texture; cheddar, known for its sharpness; blue cheese, with its intense flavor; and aged Gouda, with its caramel notes, are just a few options you can consider.


The essence of a memorable Christmas dinner lies not just in the dishes you serve but in the memories you create around the table. With these tried and tested items on your menu, you are sure to leave an indelible mark on your guests’ hearts and palates. As you gather around with your loved ones, remember that the magic of Christmas lies in togetherness, love, and, of course, good food.

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