Misconceptions ICF Coaching

Common Misconceptions About ICF Coaching

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Misconceptions ICF Coaching

Coaching is not a new topic or a profession. In fact, professionals like sports coaches have been coaching for a long time now. But that is not the only form of coaching out there. There are many kinds of coaching that includes mentoring young business professionals, managers, upcoming entrepreneurs, and many other jobs and professionals.

ICF coach certification in India helps aspiring coaches take up coaching as a profession and mentor other aspiring professionals through their careers and life. These coaches are specialized in various key platforms and from various backgrounds and can provide specialized coaching in those fields or platforms such as coding, business, entrepreneurship, finance, etc.

Why do Coaches need to be Certified?

It is a common myth that anyone can be a coach and that anyone can provide coaching for their students and candidates. This is a myth as not anyone and everyone is qualified to be a coach.

Just like teachers and professors need a degree in Education or a Ph.D. in what they teach, similarly, some boards and forums recognize coaches and help them find the right medium to coach and mentor candidates.

Without an authentic training or certification course, a coach is not authorized to coach or mentor a person. Coaching sessions that professionals from unqualified coaches attend may not amount to having any certificates worthy of mention in their job or resume.

A qualified coach mentor can be mentioned as a recognized training session by the candidate. Not only is this training session accountable, but they also help in adding worth and value to one’s resume or CV.

Misconceptions With Coaching

There are many misconceptions when it comes to coaching, and some of the common ones are mentioned below:

1. Not everyone can coach

With the right qualifications and certifications, anyone can be a qualified coach. A person who thinks they are good at something or a subject and has adequately trained themselves by coaching others and recording those sessions can easily authenticate these coaching hours as training sessions and be certified. Even a homemaker can coach professionals in soft skills such as time management, leadership skills, language, etc.

2. There is no need for a Certified Coach

People often think coaches have no way to get certified and therefore hire anybody as a coach without checking for proper authorizations.

Many forums and boards recognize and authenticate coaches and certify them on the basis of their experience in coaching. Only an experienced coach who has spent many hours training professionals has the credibility and prowess to become a good coach.

3. Certified training does not exist

Coaches who are authorized to provide training and mentorship for professionals may even provide certificates for the coaching sessions the candidate has attended. Certified coaching sessions add value and are worth the money that the candidates and professionals spend on their coaching sessions. They can also mention these certificates in their resumes to enhance the same.

Being a coach is an elite and rewarding profession and with a certified course such as the ICF coach certification in India, people who want to take up coaching as a career or as a passion may benefit from the same.

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