Home Decoration With Old Items

Creative Ideas For Home Decoration With Old Household Items

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Home Decoration With Old Items

There is nothing more important than a shelter above your head. A home is precious to everyone, and that is what makes it so special. Home decoration is not just to add a bunch of paintings on the wall; it is the art of turning “a house” into a “home”. Home decoration adds a subtle touch to a boring house and gives it the love it needs. Everyone has their tastes. Some would appreciate the simplicity of a canvas while others would like a bunch of colors added in to make it feel livelier. It is what makes us unique. And this diversity should be painted onto our shelter where we spend most of our precious time. For example, if you are fond of music, you may admire some musical notes or your favorite musical instrument on the roof above your bed to tuck you in every night.

Similarly, if you are a fan of anime, you might like fancy posters of Naruto on your wall. According to surveys, the home decor market has grown drastically due to gain in interest from consumer. Our dwellings represent our personality; hence this article will help you portray your inner selves onto your walls.

Decorate Your House Using Old Household Items

No one likes a plain old house. Therefore, you can implement these creative methods to give your house the oomph it needs without spending fifty thousand dollars on a painting from a gallery show:

1. Be artistic

Photographs are the best thing to store on the wall so that everyone could see the childhood memories you have had. You can create your frames out of pieces of wood. You could be even more artistic by using small twigs instead of furnished wood to give it a more traditional feel. By adding these frames on your bedside table, you can give your room your personal touch to feel more home.

2. Gallery wall

Cannot choose what picture to add? You can add all of them and mount them onto the wall to create your gallery wall. It will remind you about all the fun times you have had, and you can add more to make a list anytime. You need not follow a specific pattern, go with a flow and adjust what you need to.

3. Origami

You can use pieces of paper and give it a few folds to make your very own ornaments. You can create a bunch of fun items by folding a paper multiple times. For example, you can create a flower basket out of just paper and cardboard. Grab a pair of scissor and start making your DIY ornaments for your bedside table or to hang them on your kitchen handles.

4. Fancy Lights

 Instead of buying colorful lights from the store, you can use your old bulbs. Just dip them in your favorite colored paint and let it dry. You could also paste fluorescent paper onto the bulbs for a similar effect. Once done, you have your new disco lights for late-night parties.

5. Wall Paintings

Let your inner artist shine. Chose a simple design from the web and painted your walls. However, if you are going for a complex structure, it is advised to draw a rough sketch before you start painting. You could even draw simple geometrical shapes to avoid the risk of ruining your wall with paints. After you are done, the wall will feel more personal as you were the artist behind it.

6. Door Mats

Want to greet someone welcome? We got it covered. You can create your doormats by just using old clothes or towels. Just cut or tie those towels in your favorite designs to make a mat. Moreover, you can use plastic bags to make flowers of it which you can paste on an old rug. This idea is unique, creative and environment-friendly at the same time.

7. Recycling Old Glass Jars

A lot of creativity can be done with old glass jars and bottles. If you have old glass jars you do not use anymore, either you can paint it to make a flower pot, or you can stick some LED lights on it and hang them on the roof. It will give the traditional feel to the place and save those jars from going to waste. There are many other ways of decorating old glass jars and bottles that can add up to the beauty to your interior.

8. DIY Plant pots

Plants are a great way to add nature to the rooms. Instead of buying a plant pot from Target, you can make your DIY pots to give habitat to the plants. To do so, you can use old containers and paint them to show your creativity. You can use paints at home.

9. Stone Paintings

Stone paintings are a fun way to add color to the room. Just find large stones or pebbles from your garden and paint each of them with colorful paints. Let it sit for a while before placing them in your room. You can paint them in a solid color, or make a rainbow out of it. You can even sprinkle some glitter on top of it to give the glamour it needs.

10. DIY Pillow Covers

Bored of old plain white pillows? Design your custom pillows by just using some wool/ sheets. Paste wool or sheets on top of your pillow cover and make your design. You can follow a specific pattern or paste them a free hand.

11. Artificial Pots

Who knew sand could make your room this colorful. Just add different color dyes in some sand and mix it well. Next, place them in a container and admire the beauty.

12. Colored Wax

If you do not fancy sand in your house, then use wax instead. Just add dye to molten wax and stick a thread between it. You now have your custom candle. If you want, you can also add some fragrance to it by using some perfume. Now the entire house will smell as fresh and good as you do.

13. Fish Bowl to Ornament

If you have a fishbowl (or any large transparent bowl), do not let it go to waste. You can add in some colored sand and some colorful stones for a beautiful ornament to add to your colorful items.

14. Colorful Furniture

If you are bored of the same old white table and chairs, then you can paint them to give a fresh and colorful look. You can paint them with one color or add as many as you like. You could also add some of your favorite stickers on it for extra details.

15. Personal Reminders/Calendars

 We all need a calendar in our room or personal reminders to remind us of our tasks for the day or something special, like a loved one’s birthday. Create your reminders and hang them onto your fridge or on the wall by just simple cutouts from a piece of colored paper or gift wrapper. Write the message on the sheets and hang them by using strings.

16. DIY holders

What is the fun in just leaving your toothbrush in the sink? It might catch bacteria as well. Instead, paint some pegs and use a string or a rope to hang them on the wall. The colorful pegs can now hold your toothbrush when you are done whitening your teeth.

17. DIY coasters

Bought a new coffee table and do not want coffee stains all over it? Just use some coasters. Instead of buying some from the store, save a few bucks by making your coasters. Use some sticks and cover it with newspaper and paint them. Glue them together in a fancy pattern and make your coaster. Now you do not have to worry about your crisp white table after all.

18. DIY dollhouse

Want a princess in your room? Use some ice-cream sticks to make your dollhouse. Place your princess in her mansion and let her rule her mansion. You can also paint the ice-cream sticks in color you desire.


All of these 18 methods will save you some dollars and turn your boring apartment into a luxury apartment without paying the premium rent. Not all of us have large bank accounts to spend thousands of dollars on expensive art galleries and handcrafted Maple wooden cabinets. These creative ideas are cheap, inexpensive and fun to make. You need not buy items from the store to buy items for these hacks. Just search for the storeroom, and you will surely find what you like.

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