Offset Litho Digital Screen Printing

Difference Between Offset Litho Printing, Digital Printing and Screen Printing

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Offset Litho Digital Screen Printing

Word printing is known to everyone in this world as a hard copy of every document is required. This is a process of producing texts, images by using a printing machine. Wholesale printing is done in a bulk amount. And most of the time, it is done for official purposes. As the office needs a lot of printing work, a wholesale printing center is very helpful for them in this situation.

Because in wholesale printing, they take up the bulk of work and complete it in a very short time. The machine does all these things. And wholesale printing is affordable for office work because it is done in a huge amount, which costs less. And print is a pictorial image of which more than one copy exists.

Offset litho printing

This printing method was invented by ‘Robert Barclay’ in the year 1875 in England. Earlier offset litho printing was done through the tin system; when technology improved, offset litho printing was done using the wood system, and now it is done through metal glass setup.

Offset litho printing technique is a common printing method in which a colored picture is transferred from a flat base to a thin plastic sheet, and then the plastic sheet is transferred to the printing surface, and in this printing, oil, and water is used. Oil is used for perfection, and water is used to wash the template repeatedly. In the earlier days, printing was done through a single color of ink, but nowadays, printing is done in various colors. And earlier, it was very difficult to maintain the industry, but now there is no need for humans; machines do everything. In the old days, every stage needed a human to operate, but now the requirement of humans is not necessarily everything is completely done by the machine.

Digital printing

This printing was very much helpful for all the citizens. Because in this printing, colorful images were taken out for various purposes. In this digital printing, digital-based photos, texts were directly printed on paper. In this digital printing process, there is no need for a tin sheet, flat base, etc.

It is modernized and easy to handle. In this printing technology, we have to send the software document to the digital printing press. Then there the modernized system converts this into a hard copy by printing it in the paper. Earlier digital printing was only known as ‘printing in paper with color.’ But now digital printing can be done in many things: shoes, glass, fabric, potteries, glass, etc. And all these things are done in bulk. And it takes less than the market rate.

Screen printing

This printing is more authentic than all printing systems. Screen printing is the process of pouring color on a stencil-based screen to create a printed design. On the surface, surface means it may be paper, textile, wood, clothes, etc. because the stencil used here is made up of silk. This screen printing was first developed in China during the 960AD. And after China, Japan is the country that launched many authentic designs on silk. This screen printing is widely used for designing fabrics.


Earlier printing was also available, but at that time, it was very hard to do and very costly. Because earlier machines needed human effort, that’s why the rich people only did the printing. As we have discussed printing systems from these, the oldest system was the offset litho printing technique. Because the advanced system is coming day by day, wholesale printing saves a lot of money, which can be invested in another place. And the organization can save their valuable time.

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