Does A Waterproof Mattress Protector Make You Sweaty and Hot?

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bedsheetAre you planning to buy a mattress protector but worried if it will make you sweat at night?  

While we do recommend the best quality mattress protector to increase the lifespan of your mattress and protect it from spills, dirt, and stains, this cannot be at the cost of your peaceful sleep. Your most luxurious possession, your mattress, deserves a protector. 

Are you confused? 

We have a solution for you! Waterproof mattress protectors might leave you drenched, but there are cooling mattress protectors available on the market. 

Read on to make a wise and informed choice that will keep you cool and protect your mattress at the same time. 

The material used to make a waterproof mattress protector is usually plastic. The heat from the body gets trapped due to this plastic which leads to sweating all night. 

To avoid night sweats, one must invest in a mattress protector of either cotton or Tencel or any breathable material.

Cooling mattress protectors

Cooling mattress protectors work to absorb the excess heat from the body, reducing sweat and ultimately offering a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

These protectors also absorb excess moisture and keep you dry when you sleep.

5 things to remember before buying a waterproof mattress protector

Keep this guide while picking your new mattress protector.


Protectors come in different materials like cotton, polyester, Tencel, etc. 

Choose fabrics or materials that are breathable, like cotton or Tencel. Cotton is known for its absorption properties which help wick away the moisture and offer excellent breathability. Once the cotton fabric is saturated with moisture, extra moisture evaporates, creating a cooling effect on the skin. 

Tencel is a 100% natural material that is highly absorbent, lightweight, soft and pleasant to touch, and wrinkle-free. These protectors also come with hypoallergenic features. 


The next important thing to think about is the size. Make sure you buy the right size so that you don’t have to keep on adjusting your protector now and then. Measure your mattress thoroughly before getting one. 


There are primarily three types available in the market. They are: 

Fitted protectors: These protectors fit your mattress like a bedsheet with pocketed corners. The only disadvantage is that this protector might not protect the bottom of your mattress. 

Encasement protectors: These protectors come with a zip that encases your mattress from bottom to top. 

Strapped protectors: These protectors are secured with an elastic strap in the corners that hold on to the mattress. The disadvantage of this type is that these might pop off the edges. 

There are also quilted and non-quilted options. A non-quilted protector sits well on the mattress and is generally crease-free. On the other hand, a quilted one gives you that extra cushioning to the mattress. 

People sensitive to allergies should consider hypoallergenic fabrics to reduce any allergies caused by materials.  

Care and Cost

It is sensible to consider a machine washable protector, dryer friendly, or easy to wipe down for convenience. Carefully read the care instructions before purchasing. Some membranes or sheets might get damaged on a high heat setting in the washing machine.

Cost is one thing you must keep in mind for anything. You will find protectors in every range with different functionalities and features.


The goal is to achieve a restful night’s sleep. To experience that, you need to buy the right mattress and bedding accessories. Mancini’s Sleepworld brings you all you need to make your sleep a comfortable and restful one. Offering a range of cooling mattress protectors or any other sleep accessory, Mancini’s Sleepworld has it all.

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