Essential Equipment – 6 Accessories Every 4WD Needs

Accessories-Every-4WD-NeedsFour-wheel-drive vehicles are an outdoor enthusiast’s best friend. These vehicles distribute torque to all four wheels to offer a much-needed grip in challenging terrain. However, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on dirt roads, then traction is not all you’ll need. You may also require the following 4WD accessories:

Lighting Upgrades

Over 1.23 million deer-related driving collisions happen every year in the United States. During the day, you may be able to spot a potential accident before it happens. At night, it becomes far more difficult. In saying that, LED driving lights could make a considerable difference. Lights that offer a broader and more extended field of view might just save your vehicle from irreparable damage on those dark country roads.

Roof Rack

Country road adventures with your loved ones are the perfect way to spend a summer vacation. However, no passenger wants to get lost under piles of luggage for the entirety of the trip. For both comfort and safety, a must-have accessory in a 4WD vehicle is a roof rack.

There has been an increasing demand for this accessory, and it’s no surprise why. You can store all your suitcases, bags, and outdoor sports gear on the roof of your vehicle, thus freeing up the interior for your passengers. Just remember to secure it tightly before setting off.

Suspension Upgrades

The United States has a pothole problem, with one in five miles of highway pavement classed as “poor condition.” If that’s not reason enough to upgrade your 4WD suspension, then nothing will be.

Improved suspension can benefit your driving experience in many ways. It can offer better clearance with heavy loads like luggage and caravans, and it can provide a far smoother ride on those back-country lanes. Rear springs and shock absorbers should be on your Christmas wish list.

12-Volt Fridge

If you’re taking a 4WD trip with your friends and family, then don’t leave home without a 12-volt fridge. After all, who wants to be drinking warm soda after a hot day on dusty country roads? A 12-volt fridge can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter while you drive. Otherwise, you can rig up an additional battery to power it on its own. You’re then well set up for those relaxing roadside lunch breaks.


Your tires are probably not something you give all that much consideration to, but you should. Road tires are not going to be the best option for 4WD trips into the great outdoors. Consider purchasing new tires that suit the terrain, such as mud tires, sand tires, or snow tires.

Some 4WD enthusiasts also like to let some air out to offer more tire-to-terrain contact. Just remember to inflate them when you’re back on sealed roads.

An Air Compressor

It might seem strange to be lugging around an air compressor in your 4WD, but it can be far more convenient than you might think. These units allow you to inflate and deflate tires as needed. They’re also the perfect solution for blowing away dust from important sensory components in your vehicle. Got a flat? Use it to make sure the spare has the right amount of air before you fit it to your vehicle.

A stock-standard 4WD you buy from your local dealer most likely has all the bells and whistles you need for daily trips. However, it might not be ready for off-roading adventures with your loved ones. Fortunately, by upgrading your lighting and suspension and investing in a few extra accessories, you can get up to speed in no time.

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