Swimming Pool Add-Ons Features

7 Features Worth Investing in for Your Swimming Pool

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Swimming Pool Add-Ons Features

A swimming pool is already a huge bonus for all homeowners. With an outdoor feature that can give you and your family hours of endless, refreshing fun, you won’t have to spend time and money looking for ways to entertain everyone.

With a pool in your yard, you and your family can even skip going on vacation where your most likely destination is a water park or beach.

But even if a swimming pool is already a complete outdoor feature on its own, there are other ways to make it more functional, appealing, and fun.

Best Add-Ons for Your Swimming Pool

Leading swimming pools contractors in Dubai share below the top seven features worth adding to your leisure pool:

1. In-ground spa

If you are looking for a way to cool off and ease your tired muscles at the same time, a spa is the best feature to add to your pool.

A spa is a perfect place for you and your other grown-up friends and family members to retreat to while the children play and swim in the pool. You will have an area where you can have conversations while keeping an eye on the little ones.

A seasoned contractor can build an integrated spa or hot tub that can spill over into the pool or underneath a wall or cave. There are also other ways it can be incorporated into the existing feature to make it accessible.

Moreover, they can make the spa look like a natural part of your pool.

2. Waterfalls and cave or grotto

Although you can have these accessories installed separately, consider having them built together to have a whimsical outdoor feature. The combination of a waterfall and grotto or cave creates an effect that provides a nature-inspired aesthetic and a sense of adventure.

These features will definitely appeal to everyone as well.

Grottos, caves, and waterfalls are often considered super “pool” features. The cascading water gives out a sound that can induce a feeling of calmness and relaxation to anyone near the pool.

Additionally, these two features add an atmosphere of fun and excitement to your pool.  The mist they give off will stimulate the children’s imagination, setting the stage for various types of play and activities.

If you want to have a visually appealing feature that also generates a sense of fun and adventure in your pool, has your contractor build a waterfall over a grotto or cave.

3. Outdoor shower

If you live near the beach or a sandy area, an outdoor shower is the best feature to add to your pool.

Before anyone goes into the pool, ask them to use the shower to take a quick rinse. Doing so will help you keep your pool clean and sand- and debris-free.

An outdoor shower is also the ideal wash area for your kids and pets when they get too dirty from playing and other activities.

Lastly, if you have a nautical or beach-inspired landscape, with the right design, your shower can complete your outdoor theme.

Simply choose a beach-style outdoor shower design, add some rocks as décor, texture design tiles and ultimately, you will have another feature that’ll complete the look of your pool and enhance everyone’s experience.

4. Tanning ledge

Also known as a Baja or sun shelf, a tanning ledge is an essential pool add-on if you are aiming for a sophisticated, elevated outdoor feature.

A tanning ledge is an extended top step on the pool, making it a shallow pool. To complete the area, add some lounge chairs where you can work on your tan.

You can also add a beach umbrella to minimize your exposure to the sun if you want to lie by the pool and relax or look after your little ones.

A Baja shelf can be designed into various sizes and shapes. As such, it can also serve as a kiddie pool; simply remove the chairs and umbrella to give your little ones more space for swimming and splashing.

5. Beach entry

A beach or zero entry is a customized entry system for your pool. Instead of steps, the contractor will build a wide expanse of space that deepens gradually, mimicking the look of a beach that leads to the sea or lake.

It is the perfect feature that can simulate the look of Caribbean beaches and properties.

If you want to invest in this feature, you have two design options. First, you can have the bottom constructed in a way that it keeps getting deeper as you enter the middle part of the pool.

The second option is to have the entry lead to submerged steps.

The sloped design of the beach entry allows you to wade, rather than a step, into the water. It is also a great spot for cooling and relaxing in the pool without immersing your entire body.

The beach entry also makes for a great kiddie pool.

Keep in mind, though, that a beach entry takes up more space than steps. If your pool space is on the small side, you may have to skip this feature.

6. Swim-up bar

A swim-up bar is another functional fixture that also adds an element of sophistication to your pool.

This feature comprises barstool seating, a countertop, and usually a serving area outside of the pool, which is known as the “dry side.” It is essentially a bar built into the swimming pool.

A swim-up bar is a perfect place for you and your friends to hang out and enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks.

This feature, though, doesn’t have to cater to adults only. Serve your children their favorite kid-friendly beverages and snacks at the bar during their breaks.

7. Lighting

Finally, if night swimming is a typical activity in your home, make sure everyone is safe and comfortable in the pool even if it is dark by investing in the right lighting fixtures.

Aside from installing lighting fixtures around and above the pool, consider getting some underwater lights. With this feature, you can make your pool look more beautiful at night. Lights also add an aesthetic element unmatched by other features.

When investing in lighting, keep in mind that a single color can dictate the entire vibe of your landscape. As such, choose a hue that goes with the other existing features.

With these additional pool features, you will have the perfect oasis of relaxation right in your backyard.

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