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The Future of High Speed Internet With 5G Networks and Technology

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5G NetworksMost large mobile networks are testing 5G technology but Verizon, AT&T, and other major carriers are set to launch 5th generation networks this year but do you know what exactly is 5G? Here is what we know about this new internet technology.

How is 5G expected to work?

5th generation mobile networks will be the new kinds of the network supporting a variety of devices with unprecedented speed, scale, and complexity. The latency between the response and action will be as low as 1 msec. That’s almost 400 times faster than the blink of an eye. Millimeter wavebands – 26, 28, 38, and 60 GHz are 5G and 5G may come with 10 to 20 gigabits downloading speed per second. 5G networks will power future technologies, apps, and services with over 10,000 times the traffic as of now. 5th generation network slicing enables service providers to build virtual end-to-end networks tailored to application requirements.

What will 5% bring to you?

  • Amazing speed
  • Amazing volume
  • No perceived delay
  • Data security
  • Always best connected
  • Energy efficiency

5G mobile technology

Expected applications of 5G

  • Large volume transfers immersive presence, and augmented reality.
  • Connected everywhere including planes, crowds, and high-speed trains.
  • Connected cars and tactile internet.
  • Internet of things and e-health.
  • Security networks.

What is New with 5G Internet?

  • Spectrum Extension
  • Millimeter Waves
  • Increase Spectrum Efficiency
  • Advanced Antennas
  • Cell Densification
  • 3D Beam-forming techniques
  • New Electronic Components
  • New Radio Access to create an integrated and dynamic radio access network

A Final Word…
4 networks do not enable the range of services that the future requires. 5G will be faster and more flexible. So 5G is coming soon and South Korea, China, Japan, The United States, and the United Kingdom may launch in 2018. 5G networks will be 200 times faster than 4G and this technology is much more than just speed. It is mostly about ensuring that the network will be able to handle a big increase in the number of connected devices.

So, are you ready yet? You better be! After all, it is going to be a change of a lifetime.

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