Get Your Backyard in Entertaining Shape with These 5 Tips

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Backyard Entertaining Shape

If you’re trying to sell your home quickly, having a pool in the backyard is a big-ticket item that buyers love to see. But if you’re not selling anytime soon and you just want to turn your backyard into a summer oasis, you’re going to want to make some improvements, right?

Of course, you do! If you don’t know where to start, here are the top five backyard improvements according to real estate agents from around the nation.

Give the pool’s deck a facelift

When you’re lounging by the pool, you’re probably not going to want to walk on a deck where you could get splinters or it looks like it hasn’t been cared for in ages. By improving the deck surrounding your pool, it gives you a luxurious feel – especially if you hire a professional hardscaper to create a unique pattern or design.

Improve the backyard lighting

Although it doesn’t get dark until much later in the evening, backyard lighting will help to make your yard a better place to relax. You can create a seating area near a fire pit and have a path leading to it with solar lanterns lining the way. You can use spotlights to show off your prized rose bushes or that beautiful magnolia tree. The key to upping your lighting game is to not go overboard – you don’t want the yard to look like it’s daytime because it’s so bright.

Step up your grilling station

If you consider yourself a master griller, do yourself a favor by upgrading your grill situation and building a built-in grill. A built-in grill gives you a countertop you can work on and if you go with a full-on outdoor kitchen, complete with a wet bar, mini-fridge, and snack station, there’d be no reason for guests to go into the kitchen.

Consider buying a hot tub

When it comes to keeping guests entertained, you can’t go wrong with a pool. However, if you want to entertain a special someone (or relax after a long day), a hot tub is the way to go! If you put the hot tub next to the pool, you can dive into the cool water if you get too hot (or vice versa).

Outdoor living areas are hot

A deck and outdoor dining area are going to be regular hangouts when you’re entertaining, but an outdoor living area is the peak of sophistication. Just picture sitting around a nice table on a comfortable outdoor couch, chatting with your friends. You could have a fireplace, a nice outdoor rug, plants, and other accessories. The outdoor living area can be anything you want it to be and you’ll find that when the weather is beautiful, you’ll love spending more time out there.

Have space to play games

You can’t have a backyard party without games! Whether it’s cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, catch, or even tag, you need to have space to do so. You can keep it simple and just have a large patch of grass or you can go all in and have a dedicated space for whatever games you tend to play at your parties.

Summer entertaining is probably one of the things we’re most excited about as COVID restrictions relax. And after a year of social distancing, you can bet your friends are going to want to come over and hang out by the pool. If you’re big on entertaining or you are thinking about selling your house, these backyard upgrades are sure to be a hit with guests and buyers!

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