Getting Your Puppy Vaccinated: A Look at The Vaccines and The Timeline

Puppy Vaccines Timeline

You got a puppy and all of the fun and challenge of owning a tiny ball of fur. While you and your dog are busy bonding and having playtime, don’t forget that you’ll also need to bring your new pet to the vet to receive vaccinations.

To be safe, you have to wait until your dog has received all of its vaccines to play with other dogs. Keeping your puppy’s vaccine schedule will allow them to stay healthy and get out and see the world. You can help you set up the following vaccines for your new friend:

The First Vaccines and Vaccine Schedule

You should start your dog’s vaccines at six to eight weeks old and continue them about every 2-4 weeks according to your vet’s recommendations. Your puppy will need 3-4 shots for parvo and distemper, bringing the age of full vaccination up to 16-20 weeks old.

Get the Core Vaccines

The core vaccines are the ones you’ll want your dog to have no matter what. Most people know about the rabies vaccine since it is required by law in most places. You’ll also need a combined DAP vaccine for distemper, hepatitis, and parvo.

Non-Core Vaccines for Certain Lifestyles

If your new furry friend is all about that dog park life or you think you’ll be kenneling your dog when you go on vacation, you will want specific vaccines for dogs that often come into contact with other dogs. Parainfluenza is sometimes combined with the DAP vaccine in a 4-in-1. You’ll also want a Bordetella vaccine. A canine influenza vaccine can protect your dog from the H3N8 H3N2 strains, though fewer dog owners get this vaccine.

If your dog ever plans to go outside and touch the soil, and they probably will, the leptospirosis vaccine will protect them from this soil-based bacteria that can cause serious damage to organs and bleeding. Also for the outdoor explorer, the Lyme vaccine is important for any dog that will go hiking or live near tick-infested areas. Blais Veterinary Hospital & Clinic has all of these vaccines on hand for your pet and can advise you on the best for your dog. 

Get Out and Explore!

Now that you know a little more about vaccines, you’re ready to get out and explore. You’ll be able to socialize with your dog and go hiking knowing that they’re protected from common illnesses.

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