Guide to Pick the Best Engagement Ring for Him

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Picking the perfect engagement ring for men can be extremely confusing. An engagement ring must be elegant, unique and most of all it should convey your long-lasting love and commitment to your partner. To make this purchase journey less intimidating and more thought here is a guide to picking the best engagement ring for him:

1. Set a Budget

The first step you need to take is to narrow down your choices based on a budget. Make sure you are comfortable with the price range and do not go overboard, expensive does not always mean good. Remember there is no right or wrong in setting a budget. Go with engagement rings that have the perfect finish and a high-quality band. You can go with a sterling silver ring or a gold-plated one. However, Sterling silver is more suitable for engagements.

2. Decide Where to Shop From

You can find the perfect engagement ring for him either online or by visiting offline stores. If you want a specific type of ring you may only find it online, however, if you want to be sure about the quality and look of the ring you should visit an offline store. Just men’s rings are the best online retailer as you will find an entire section on their website dedicated to men’s engagement rings. You can check out top retailers that specialize in men’s jewelry like John Hardy, Easy, Jewellerista, and Gemvara.

3. Find out His Ring Size

The perfect ring must also be the perfect fit for him. If you want to keep your engagement ring a surprise, you can ask his parents or even his friends or get an idea from his old rings.

4. Buy a Ring with a “wow” Factor

The best way to make your man feel special is to pick a ring that has an interesting design. There are many styles you can choose from such as contemporary, dual-tone, solitaire, traditional and edgy. You can also pick rings with gemstones based on their sun sign or go with unique stones like black diamonds.

5. Take inspiration from Personal Taste

You need to make sure that the engagement ring you pick compliments your partner’s style. What does he typically wear? If he prefers casual clothing a flashy ring may not go well with his dressing style, similarly, if he mostly wears formals an edgy ring may slash with his look. In addition to his taste, you also need to consider his lifestyle as he will be wearing the engagement ring daily. If your man is into sports you should avoid going with delicate rings or rings with gemstones, go with simple rings instead.

Never keep your engagement ring shopping till the last minute, it is important to be thoughtful while picking an engagement ring for your partner. You can take inspiration from Pinterest or even buy engagement rings that come with a matching wedding band to simplify your ring choice. Make sure you follow the above steps and plan before you hit the stores.

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