Future of Tattooing Look

How does the Future of Tattooing Look? Bright Enough!

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Future of Tattooing Look

No wordplay here! The future of tattooing does look bright. Why so is a different question altogether! Tattoo makers have been teasing new technologies for years. Starting from those great machines to the high-end ink variants, the tattoo industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Yet, the progression seems to have stagnated for a while until a few years back when the more ambitious tattoo artists started testing the unchartered waters.

And today, in 2022, most of the ambitious ideas look realizable, paving the way for the future of tattooing. In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at each one of the futuristic trends that have taken the world by storm, equipping artists with a slew of options and ideas.

Innovative Inks

Attention tattoo fanatics, the future now holds the best possible tattooing inks for you. First of all, there are disappearing ink variants, allowing you to play around with several permanent tattoos without getting defined by any single one. And even though the purists might not appreciate this move, Gen Z will totally dig this concept.

Another raging trend has to be the concept of glow-in-the-dark tats, better segregated as UV tattoos. Getting one will mean that you will always stand out in a club, regardless of how dark it is. Another ink-based innovation would be diabetic- tattoos, made possible by bio-sensitive inks.

Improved Tattoo Techniques

And while innovative inks are expected to be all cool, expect the future to hold exciting tattooing strategies as well for artists and fanatics alike. For starters, skin stitching will take center stage in years to come as people are growing affectionate toward indigenous tattooing styles.

If you are a tattoo artist, you would know that these tattoos would require the best-in-class coil tattoo machines to do justice to the design. And if you plan on riding the trend right away, the best coil tattoo machines can help to get a top-class tattoo. Also, as the person getting inked, do note that these tattoos hurt more than usual.

Another futuristic move would be the growth of scarification tattoos, primarily for keeping scarring at bay. However, these can be very complex designs and require a lot of training to perfect. And also the best possible machines to aid the process.

Next in line will be specialty tattoos, which would make sense to people in specific professions. Imagine being a dancer and getting a 3D dance design tattooed on your chest. Sounds unreal, right? Well, wait and watch.

Futuristic Technology

Tattoo-making in the future wouldn’t just be about the ink or the machines. Technology will take center stage in the years to come. For instance, 3D prints are already coming off the age, with several artists already relying on 3D printing tools to get the stencils made. But that’s just about tattoo making.

In time, tattoo fanatics will be able to unlock a tech treasury with their tattoos as high-tech skin-adhering designs will be able to unlock smartphones and even monitor their health whereabouts. The concept of interactive tattoos isn’t completely new. If you remember CES 2017 even, you would know that something like a smart tattoo was pitched during the event, promising to make wearable tech more accessible.

Animated tattoos capable of capturing audio files or apps scanning tattoos to play the relevant soundwaves are slowly becoming popular, blurring the lines between design and tech. No pun intended here.

Vegan Ink

Hey, couldn’t we have placed this in the ink section? We could have, but we shouldn’t. As with the world going vegan, this kind of ink deserves special mention. Animal-friendly ink selections cater to the right audience base worldwide. And more and more studios are already implementing the same. Also, keeping the doubts aside is the quality quotient associated with these inks, as they are top-notch and as efficient and long-lasting as the usual ones.

Tattoo-making in 2022 isn’t just about getting the design of choice inked on your skin surface. Those days are duly behind us. Today, it is all about progressions, both in terms of tattoo making and ideation. You can think of technology and pair it with tattoo-making. And even if there are no resources yet, there will be a lot in the years to come.

Tattoo making is all about trying out the most innovative ink type, the most inventive designs, and the most functional technologies – capable of making the tattoo an integral part of your body and life.

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