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How to Find Unique Products with an Amazon Product Checker

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Amazon Product Checker

Success on Amazon will never be easy for merchants without the proper Amazon product checker software.

The top Amazon sellers are aware of how crucial Amazon product checker information can be for constantly increasing sales on Amazon. Let’s learn more about Amazon product checker in this article below:

What Is Amazon Product Checker Tool?

You can get product information from AMZN’s database using the Amazon product checker tools. You can search AMZN’s database using these tools for profitable products. These tools also offer data that you may use to estimate a product’s likelihood of being profitable. This data consists of past sales data, monthly revenue, and other things.

You can make wise decisions by studying the data provided by these technologies. Additionally, you have access to some excellent tips for boosting profits and sales. Private labels, wholesale sales, drop shipping, and retail arbitrage can all benefit from this.

Thousands of product discovery tools are currently on the market. Some of them are specialized software tools, whereas others are all-encompassing solutions that offer a variety of tools for not just product research but also other business activities. Below is a list of some of the most well-liked Amazon product checker and finder tools.

Best Amazon Product Checker Tools

Here, we are listing down some of the best Amazon product checker tools that sellers can use in 2023. These tools offer sellers amazing features and functions to leverage Amazon’s success.

Jungle Scout (JS)

You can utilize Jungle Scout (JS) for things like competitor surveillance, product data analysis via the Chrome extension, reviewing case studies for marketing advice, and finding the best items out of the 175+ billion they track. You can use this tool in one of two ways: as a web app or as a Chrome extension.


ZonBase is a comprehensive piece of Amazon software that provides up to 4 product research capabilities in addition to a full set of seller tools to assist you in managing every other aspect of your business. The toolset offered by ZonBase includes tools for inventory management, listing optimization, and keyword research.

There are three paid plans available for the software: normal, legendary, and diamond, with prices of $37, $67, and $132, respectively.


To help customers find and assess suitable products for marketing on Amazon as well as other e-commerce online platforms, SellerApp was created as a product research tool. It provides a variety of features and resources, such as easy-to-use search tools, quick insights, and data from dependable sources, that might be helpful for product research.

The ability of SellerApp to give users immediate data and insights on potential products is one of its key benefits. Information on demand, rivalry, profit margins, as well as other pertinent elements may be included in this to aid users in choosing which products to sell.


Keepa functions quite similarly to Camel, except it has a sleeker, more user-friendly interface. Although they provide a free version, you might find its capabilities to be somewhat restricted. By purchasing a monthly subscription, you can get a lot more in-depth look into Amazon’s items, prices, and analyses.


Users can follow the changing costs for goods on Amazon using the price tracking application CamelCamelCamel. It’s free software that can be helpful for many things, like product research, pricing tracking, and comparison.

The capability of CamelCamelCamel to display past Amazon product pricing is one of its key advantages. This might be useful for spotting pricing trends and comprehending how costs for a specific product have evolved. You may utilize this information to inform your decisions about the time to acquire or sell an item as well as how much to charge for your goods.

Unicorn Smasher

A variety of features and capabilities are available for sellers using Unicorn Smasher, an Amazon product checker tool from AMZ Tracker. It is intended to assist users in locating lucrative markets and product niches, and it offers sales projections and other information to help retailers choose which goods to market.


The AMZBase Chrome addon is one of the best options if you want to conduct Amazon product research in a quicker but still effective manner. By simply hovering your cursor on a product, you may find its historical prices and purchase it.

Additionally, you may compare product details on different retail websites, search for things using phrases on the display, and find related products.


Amazon merchants are becoming more and more accustomed to using the product research tool ZonGuru. ZonGuru’s partnership with Alibaba, which enables customers to quickly identify suppliers for its items, is one of its distinguishing features.

This can be a useful tool for retailers that want to find products from manufacturers abroad.

ZonGuru offers a variety of different tools and capabilities for Amazon sellers in addition to its features like supplier-finding.

These include tools for assessing sales trends, monitoring competitor data, including optimizing listings for search, as well as a niche finder that aids users in identifying prospective products.

What’s The Best Product Checker For My Amazon Business?

For your business, you will require more than just a product-checking tool in case you wish to create a promising Amazon business. The program is the only way to do the extensive keyword research and ongoing listing optimization required for business scaling.

Therefore, it is preferable to spend your money on a service that includes both keywords as well as listing optimization software in addition to tools for product research. ZonBase is unquestionably the greatest Amazon product-checking tool for your company based on these criteria.

Finding the top-selling items on AMZ is made easier with the help of several services offered by Zonbase. We’ll discuss these characteristics and how they operate in the following section.

Final Words

Scaling your Amazon store without the right products is next to impossible. The best approach to checking the most lucrative items for your store on Amazon is through an Amazon product checker tool. Want to use the greatest Amazon product finding, checking, and research tool to establish a long-lasting online business?

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