How to Know When Your HVAC Unit Needs Servicing

HVAC Unit Needs Servicing

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a comfortable space where family and friends can feel relaxed. For this reason, homeowners invest in air conditioner systems to keep their homes at perfect temperatures depending on the season. Unfortunately, like anything else, air conditioners can experience mechanical or technical issues, preventing them from functioning efficiently.

Luckily, with timely service, an air conditioner might serve longer without failing. It’s therefore advisable to study your system’s characteristics to determine if there are any changes or not. If there’s any, have it checked by a professional before it develops into a more significant, costly issue? Among the early signs indicating you might need HVAC service¬†are the following:

The System Is Eliminating Warm Air

No one wants their air conditioner to eliminate warm air, especially in the summer. The unit should provide cool air to keep homeowners comfortable. If this isn’t the case, there might be something worth checking.

Once you’ve determined that your unit is producing warm air, switch the system to cooling mode. Then, set lower temperatures than your home’s. The unit’s compressor might be faulty if the air is still warm.

In such an event, hiring a professional to check out the issue is advisable. Avoid attempting to go DIY since you can escalate the issue leading to costly repairs. The air conditioning system is complex and should only be attended to by a pro.

Water Leaks

For an air conditioner to provide a cooling effect, it relies on refrigerant. Therefore, it might undergo condensation while operating. Even during condensation, no fluid should leak into your home. If this happens, the unit’s cooling system is failing. In such an event, you should call in a trained HVAC contractor before the pooling water interferes with your property’s structural integrity.

Frequent Cycles

An air conditioner is designed to undergo cooling cycles when working. However, these cycles are more often during hotter days. Nevertheless, even during such days, the unit shouldn’t undergo these cycles constantly. If this is the case, you might need to call in an expert to check what might be the issue and rectify it accordingly.

The AC Thermostat Isn’t Working

An AC’s thermostat is the center of the system. It informs the AC about the amount of cold air required. It goes the extra mile to ensure the AC provides a cooling effect as it should. If the AC works for a while and then stops, the thermostat isn’t working perfectly. Again, a professional AC contractor should handle such an issue before the system shuts down completely.

The System Isn’t Heating Or Cooling

Air conditioners’ primary role is to provide cool or warm air depending on the season. However, this isn’t always the case. As with other electric appliances, air conditioners may also fail to work as they should.

While an AC might not be cooling or heating, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it shouldn’t be running. The system can still operate but not as required. In such an event, the indoor temperature might be extremely high even after adjusting the system to provide cool air and vice versa.

Since the system should function according to the adjustments, it’s essential to have it checked whenever you determine the opposite.

High Humidity

In summer and spring, outdoor weather is a bit sticky. However, this doesn’t mean you should be okay with high indoor humidity. Come to think of it – that’s why you have an air conditioner. Your AC should regulate your indoor air and eliminate excess humidity.

If your AC is struggling to regulate indoor humidity, it requires immediate service. With the help of a trained HVAC service in Arlington, you’ll understand if the system requires a simple or thorough service.

Unusual Noises

It’s common for air conditioners to make noise as they start. However, once they’ve fully started, the noise should disappear. If your AC makes sudden or random noises, it might have an issue.

Buzzing or rattling noises might result from loose parts while grinding and whistling noises might indicate a more severe issue. Such issues don’t go away independently; hence, you should have them checked immediately.

Bad Odor

Is there a bad smell in your home you suspect might be coming from your air conditioner? If yes, you should have the system examined to determine the cause of the smell. Luckily, a quick check-up can help you know if the system requires a quick cleaning session or a detailed service. Whichever the case, air conditioners shouldn’t be smelly, and any foul odor from it indicates the need for service.


Regardless of how advanced your air conditioner might be, servicing it is inevitable. A day will come when you need it the most, but it will fail to function as you want it to. To prevent this from happening, examine the system regularly to identify an issue as it arises. Alternatively, be alert for the above-discussed signs that your AC requires service. If it does, have the services done by a professional HVAC contractor for better results.

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