How to Make Money Selling Your Unwanted Belongings

Selling Unwanted Belongings

In recent years, many people have had to tighten their belts when it comes to spending. For some families, it is becoming harder and harder to comfortably afford the basic mortgage payments and household bills, let alone even consider booking a vacation.

Whether you are struggling with money worries right now or looking to inject a bit of life into your savings, either way, you have clicked on the right article.

Here is how to make money selling your unwanted belongings.

Have A Garage Sale

If you have a lot of little items you want to get rid of and aren’t looking to make a lot of money out of them, you should consider having a garage sale. Selling old, unwanted, and even broken items at a garage sale is a brilliant way of decluttering your house, garden, garage, and shed while making a little extra cash on the side.

Research Websites Carefully

From gold necklaces and other expensive items of jewelry to a stack of old DVDs and CDs that haven’t been touched since the creation of Netflix, you will already be aware of how selling absolutely anything on the internet is possible.

However, especially with high-end and expensive items, it is absolutely crucial, not just advisable, to engage in as much research as humanly possible before you commit to a sale. If you are looking forsell my number plate services, for example, make sure you only deal with a certified, reputable, and renowned company.

Sell Your Old Clothes Online

Selling your old clothing, accessories, and shoes online through phone applications such as Vinted, Depop, and eBay is a truly multi-beneficial activity.

Not only will your wardrobes and drawers be considerably clearer, and you will then be able to see the clothes you own and love, but this is also a sustainable way of making money and will reduce your overall carbon footprint, especially if you purchase clothing second-hand, too.

Helpful tips for selling your clothes online include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • Include details about sizing
  • Try on the item and upload a photograph (with your face blurred)
  • Make sure to include as much detailed description as possible
  • Take photographs of the item in different lighting types
  • Include buzzwords such as ‘trending’ in the title
  • Make sure the brand name and shop are in both the title and description

Sell Larger Items Through the Facebook Marketplace

Finally, if you have recently had your living room renovated or have invested in a brand-new bathroom suite, it may well be the case you have larger items of furniture and white goods that are too good to throw away.

This is where social media comes in, with Facebook Marketplace being the leading place to advertise everything from an old washing machine or vacuum to a complete three-piece suite, and what is more, the responsibility of collecting the item lies entirely in the buyer’s hands. This is the most hassle-free way of getting rid of the bulky items you no longer want or need.

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