run HVAC more efficiently

How to Run Your HVAC System More Efficiently?

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run HVAC more efficiently

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, central air conditioning consumes 5% of the total energy used in the United States each year. This figure includes energy used by industries and enterprises; therefore, 5% represents a significant quantity of energy utilized alone for air conditioning. Worse, this figure excludes the amount of energy necessary to keep the house warm in the winter.

You use a lot of energy to remain warm indoors. It’s critical to understand how to run your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems effectively. These are the six energy-efficient techniques recommended by expert:

Filter cleaning

Clean and change your filters regularly to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by up to 15%. If you are not comfortable replacing the filters yourself, you can call an air conditioning repair service.

Remove all barriers

To guarantee adequate air movement, keep any obstacles out of your heating and cooling devices. Plants and other things should be kept away from the machinery to allow them to function more efficiently. Check for obstacles in the unit itself, such as insect nests, clumps of dust, and so on, by hiring a company that offers air conditioning repair in Palm Springs, CA, or wherever you are based.

Change the fuses

Your air conditioner and heater’s fuses have a limited lifespan. Fuse replacement is a typical need because your equipment is designed to survive far longer than its fuses. Central heating and air conditioning repair firm can inspect and replace your fuses every few months. You should not attempt this on your own since you risk injuring yourself or disrupting the power supply.

Help out the system

Your air conditioner and heater should not be responsible for the entire temperature regulation. Keep cool by tinting your windows, keeping sunshine out, staying hydrated, and sleeping with ceiling fans on. Wear warm clothing indoors, consumes warm meals, and let some sunshine in for warmer temps. Also, keep your air conditioner out of direct sunlight. To provide shade, you can add an awning.

Get a new thermostat

A good thermostat will adjust to your preferred temperature settings and communicate with the heating and cooling units clearly, resulting in more efficient functioning. You may even change them so that you work more at home but take a break while you’re away for the day. This can help you save a lot of electricity.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring that your HVAC system is energy efficient is a wise investment. HVAC requires regular maintenance such as filter cleaning, clearing debris from the outside unit, eliminating clogs, and checking the refrigerant line & water supplied to the furnace humidifier regularly.

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