Save Money Accelerating Inflation

How to Save Money in a High and Accelerating Inflation

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Save Money Accelerating Inflation

Do you go shopping on a periodic basis? Well, then, like millions of other Moms and Dads in America you get this sinking feeling, butterflies in your stomach, every time you look at the prices at the local grocery store, or at your favorite restaurant, or when visiting a neighborhood Shopping Plaza to buy a new jacket or some clothing for your loved ones. Well, that uneasy feeling is there because the prices are going up, sometimes as often as every couple of months. For some categories, they go up every single year. And that sinking feeling in your stomach from what you are seeing is called “inflation”.

What is inflation? Well, it is a fancy government term that basically says “prices going up”. How much are they going up? Let’s take a look into the not-so-distant past. In the 1970s in the United States, inflation was as high as 15% per year. Do know what 15% per year inflation means? This means that if in 1970 bread cost was $0.25 (yes, you could buy a loaf of bread for a quarter!), then by 1980 that same loaf of bread increased in price to $1.00! This does not seem like a lot, does it? But do you think people’s wages or incomes went up 4 times in the same 10 years? The answer is “No!”. They stayed about the same. So, if in 1970 an average Joe for his annual wage of $9,870 per year could buy, about 40,000 loafs of that $0.25 bread (or 108 loafs per day), by 1980 due to inflation that the same family could only buy 10,000 loafs of bread (or 27 per day). So, basically, a 15% annual inflation means that millions of Americans became 4 times poorer than they were just 10 years prior.

Here is how Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States described inflation: “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly as a hitman.”

So, what’s happening with inflation these days, one might ask?! Well, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (abbreviated as “BLS”) report in 2021 we had the following price increases:

  • Food: 0%
  • Energy: 27%
  • Used Cars: 5%
  • Apparel: 3%

And overall the BLS believes the inflation in 2021 was 7.5%. This is the highest inflation rate in the last 40 years! It was only higher in, well, the 1970s.

So, what ought an average family to do in this highly inflationary environment? Well, we wanted to offer you a few ways to save money that could more than offset the rising prices. And we hope our advice will help you maintain your family’s lifestyle while everyone else’s is plummeting due to the rising inflation and the cost of living.

Reduce All Family Expenses

“Woah, what clever advice”, you would say. Really?! As simple as that?!

Well, what if we told you that there is a way to reduce all your family expenses by using a simple online tool? Well, actually, you can use it on your desktop as well as a cell phone app. There is a Nationwide discount network, which offers coupons and deals of up to 50% OFF (and a ton of freebies as well!) on such typical family expenses as:

  1. Restaurants (fast food, casual dining, fine dining)
  2. Auto Repairs and Transportation (oil change, tire rotation, engine failure, etc.)
  3. Home Improvements (AC, heating and refrigeration, roofing, flooring, lawn care, etc.)
  4. Clothing and footwear
  5. Furniture and appliances
  6. Recreation & Entertainment (attractions, movies, museums, amusement parks, etc.)
  7. Sports and Fitness (fitness clubs, dance and martial art studios, golf courses, etc.)
  8. Travel (car rental, hotels, airfare), and
  9. A lot more…

On average the above expenses for an average American family amount to something like $30,000-40,000 per year. This discount network offers savings of as much as 50% on each purchase. So, if used regularly, it could literally save you and your family thousands of dollars per year.

Well, we are not trying to be mysterious about it, just want to convey the message of how much money you and your family could save in today’s highly inflationary environment. Entertainment Book is a coupon book that was established back in 1962. Since then it became the U.S. largest network of coupons and discounts that can be used in more than 10,000 cities and towns in the United States and offers more than 500,000 coupons and deals in its VIP Perks Club service.

VIP Perks can be used as an App or it can be used online, from your laptop or desktop. Considering that VIP Perks is offering people millions of dollars of potential savings (if you add them all up), and it takes quite a bit of effort to create and maintain this discount network, there is a small fee associated with joining the network. If you pay the retail price the cost of joining the VIP Perks is $40 for one year. What you get for your $40. Well, you get access to about 500,000 (that is, half a million!) coupons, offers, discounts, and deals across 10,000 towns and cities in the U.S. and Canada and across almost all typical family expenses (see our list above). Would you pay $40 to save, say, $2,000? I would! It’s a no-brainer, as one would say. But if you use a Promo Code 50SAVE you could actually save 50% on joining the VIP Perks discount network and pay just $20 for a one-year membership (please, note, it is a limited-time offer, and expires without notice).

So, next time when you go to buy some clothing (or shoes, or furniture, or eyeglasses) for yourself or your kids, or when you go out to eat (whether it is fast food or casual dining or fine dining), or when you look for the service for your home’s roof, home lawn, when you want to save 30-50% on your next car repair.

If you use it regularly, that is, every week of every month, you could save thousands of dollars per year. And that could help you offset the seemingly unstoppable price inflation.

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