How to Select the Right Dealer For Used Cars?


When buying a new or used car, trust is essential. Buying a used car from an authorized dealer offers certain benefits which you cannot avail of if you buy from an individual car owner. Here is more info on criteria that will help you choose the right dealer for used cars:

1) Selection of Vehicle:

You must ensure that the dealer you are buying a used car is authorized to sell VW cars.

Since the company sells Volkswagen in 2-4 generations, it becomes essential for you to verify whether the vehicle model is within the last four generations or not.

You can also ask your dealer if he can provide you with some evidence that will support his claim that he is an authorized dealer.

2) Services Offered:

Ask the dealer beforehand whether his service center offers services for your purchase. If not, you must find another dealer who can offer all the required services.

You should also ask the dealer what kind of warranty they are providing, how many miles they will cover your contract, and whether they can offer you an extended warranty.

3) Availability of Spare Parts:

You must make sure whether the dealer from whom you are buying a used car can provide you with spare parts or not. If they cannot provide spare parts, you should find another dealer. For example, many authorized VW dealers keep a large stock of parts for quick replacements.

4) Request Vehicle History Report:

Ask for the vehicle history report before buying the vehicle. This report will give you more info about the car’s past, whether it has been involved in an accident or not, etc.

You can also buy this report from third-party companies, which provide vehicle history reports from almost all USA states. You can find specific companies that offer this service at an affordable price.

5) Review Your Bill of Sale:

After buying the car, take some time to review your bill of sale carefully. If you notice any errors, ask the dealer to correct them before signing them.

This step will help you avoid future hassles like duplicating the vehicle registration, insurance, etc.

Also, ensure you are not sold a car with existing liens on it because if there are multiple loans on your purchase, it can get tough to transfer the ownership.

6) Ask for Spare Keys:

You should always ask your dealer for spare keys before buying a used car. If they do not provide you with a spare key, then ask them whether there was a spare key available for the original owner or not.

If so, ask your dealer to purchase a new spare key from the manufacturer and have it cut by a qualified locksmith so that you can use it in the future.

7) Ask about VIN Cloning:

The VIN is a 17-digit unique identification number for every Volkswagen vehicle. If the dealer from whom you are buying a used car has not yet replaced the VIN plate of your vehicle with a new one, he must give you some time to do that on your own.

If your dealer does not cut the VIN plate of your car, then you must contact an authorized dealer to cut it. Also, check whether your vehicle is cloned or not by requesting a VIN plate replacement.

If the number on your new VIN plate matches the number on your original one, then it means that there is some cloning.

8) Check for Accidents:

The previous owner of a used car might not have taken proper care of it.

This step can lead to accidents and panel beating on your vehicle, which you will never know about if you don’t check for any damages or dents on it. You must also make sure that your dealer has your car serviced adequately before selling it to you.

9) Exchange Offers:

Some dealers offer a price guarantee of specific periods, requiring them to buy back the car from you if they cannot get what they want.

Such offers seem perfect and excellent, but always remember that even if they buy back the car from you, you still have to pay them for their service charges.

10) Ask about Promotions

Ask your dealer whether there are any promotion schemes available with them or not because most dealers offer some discounts on used cars. Such promotions can help you get a pretty good deal on your used car.

Final Thoughts

Buying a used automobile can be a daunting task if you do not know what to check with the dealer. The tips mentioned above will help you buy a used car without facing any hassles in the future.

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