How to Support A Loved One in Prison

Support Loved One in Prison

There are few things harder in life than seeing a loved one go to prison. It is difficult for you, but it will be much harder for them, especially if they are innocent and/or have not been in jail before. Therefore, you will want to do everything that you can to support your loved one for the duration of their time in prison and find ways to help both on the inside and outside. There are lots of things that you can do to support a loved one in prison, and this post will look at some of the best ideas.

Keep In Touch

The single most important thing to do to support a loved one is to keep in touch. Prison can be incredibly isolating, and people often feel that their loved ones have forgotten about them, so you need to make sure that they know that you are thinking about them. A phone call, letter, or visit is likely to make their entire week and can make a massive difference to their well-being.

Be Empathetic

When you do visit them or speak to them on the phone, you should try to be empathetic and listen to them. Often in these situations, people that are incarcerated simply need someone that they can vent to, and listening can be a great source of support. Some people will want to know about everything that is happening outside, while others may prefer not to hear, so you need to use your best judgment.

Find Ways To Help On The Outside

You should also find that there are ways to help them on the outside. This can include things like keeping family members updated, looking after kids, taking in pets, or even just keeping their house neat and tidy. It could be a great source of relief knowing that someone is keeping your life in order on the outside when you are serving time.

Find An Attorney That Can Help

Another way that you can help on the outside is to look into their case and find an attorney who can help. If your loved one has been wrongfully convicted. Wrongful convictions do happen and can be incredibly stressful and traumatic for the individual and their loved ones. A wrongful conviction attorney can use their expertise to build a strong case and seek the best possible outcome, including financial compensation. Additionally, it can be cathartic for the individual to see those responsible held accountable. 

Send Care Packages & Provide Financial Support

You can also help them on the inside by sending care packages (if allowed). You will need to check, but sending items like books, toiletries, and personal items can make an enormous difference to their well-being. You can also provide financial support so that they can afford legal fees, phone calls, and items from the commissary.

It is not easy seeing a loved one in prison, but it is important that you find ways to help so that you can improve their situation and show that you care.

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