Treat Shingles Rash

How to Treat Shingles Rash that Appears on Skin

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Treat Shingles Rash

Shingles are quite a common virus in the USA, and they can affect around one million people each year. They can often start as an innocent rash; however, they can lead to quite serious complications. This is how you can treat them.

Apply a Wet, Cool Compress

There are only a certain number of times throughout the day that you can have a bath. However, there may be other times when the shingles are irritating you. In between baths, you can decide to apply a wet cool compress to your skin as another way of soothing any rashes or blisters you may have. This will also help with any itching you may have, which will also prevent any scarring from happening as this is what would occur if you were to scratch the blisters and rashes.

Baking Soda and Corn Starch Paste

If the wet, cool compress is not doing anything to help relieve the itching, mixing baking soda and cornstarch paste together and applying it to any areas of your skin that feel itchy may be a better way for you to relieve the itchiness.

Soothing Lotions and Creams

These lotions and creams are a good alternative if you do not have any baking soda and corn starch paste in your cupboards and are unable to find them in any shops or supermarkets near you. Capsaicin is especially good at treating the side effects of shingles, including relieving the itchiness which will, in turn, prevent any scarring from occurring. Capsaicin is what is found in lotions and creams that are for helping with the rashes you get as a side effect of having shingles. However, it is recommended to use this cream after the shingles sores have healed and it may be best to seek medical advice before you start using the cream.

Healing Baths

One of the many remedies for shingles is to have a healing bath. This involves taking a cool bath to cleanse any blisters you may have developed as a result of having shingles, as it helps soothe the skin and should prevent the infection from spreading.

Look At Your Diet

When we are ill, one of the main things to look at is our diet. A good diet can help prevent illness from occurring in the first place and when you are ill, it can help the illness start to go away. Try to get lots of protein, whole grains, and fruit and vegetables into your diet, not just while you have shingles but in general also, as it helps boost your immune system and also helps your body heal.

Get Vaccinated

Getting vaccinated is one of the best ways for you to prevent shingles from occurring in the first place. Even if you have previously had shingles, there is still a chance you might get it again, so getting vaccinated will prevent all of this from happening in the first place. These are available to adults who are over the age of fifty, however, if you have a weakened immune system and are over the age of nineteen, you are also eligible for the vaccine.

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