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Important Tips from Google to Boost and Optimize Your Website Traffic

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Get the best results from your website Google AdSense is at your disposal to ensure your website makes money, but it also offers a suite Of tools to help you increase traffic and reach as wide an audience as possible.Boost Website Traffic

How to Boost Your Website Traffic

Analyze: Know your audience and tailor your content and ads accordingly.

Optimize: Make your website work seamlessly on all platforms.

Gain visibility: Rank highly in searches.

Traffic Toolkit:-

Google Search

  • The range of Google Search console tools are here to help improve your performance online.
  • Submit your page to the Google index and find out how Google views your site.
  • Diagnose potential problems and allow crawler access to optimise ads.
  • Use Search Analytics to show which queries are bringing users to your site.

Traffic analysis

  • Google Analytics tracks your pages with a unique code to monitor who visits and when.
  • Google Trends reveals what the world is searching for.
  • Market Finder helps to seek out new promotional opportunities.
  • Consumer Barometer explores how people are using the internet.
  • News Consumer Insights segments audiences with data, analytics, and insights.
  • Success Stories offers tips and tricks from the community.

Channel Customisation

  • Review our new traffic acquisition tips.
  • Turn any custom channel into a targetable ad placement where advertisers can specifically choose to display their ads.
  • Create up to 2000 custom channels to optimize the performance Of your ad units.
  • Make sure you follow the Google AdSense Program policies and Webmaster Quality Guidelines while optimizing.

Mobile optimization

  • Use this test to make sure your site operates seamlessly for mobile use.
  • Get practical tips for speed optimization and compare speed with other publishers.
  • Start building AMP versions, an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all.

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