Industrial Bartack Sewing Machine

Industrial Bartack Sewing Machine: The Basic Aspects of Selecting

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Industrial Bartack Sewing Machine

The textile is often secured with a special bartack to enlarge the strength after re-sewing. The industrial equipment sews a classic stitch and then fixes the thread perpendicularly on the back of the item. The result is that a zigzag locking stitch can reach the high tensile strength of the material (e.g., during feeding).

Often such equipment is utilized for processing a lot of sewing operations, for instance:

  1. Close the ends of buttonholes;
  2. Strengthen the ends of pockets;
  3. Process belt parts.

Industrial bartack sewing equipment advantages:

  1. It enlarges the product’s strength.
  2. Length and density control of the stitch occurs by applying pressure to the needle’s head.
  3. A unique mechanical lever closes the two corners of the loop.
  4. The presser foot secures and closes a zipper seam.

The best industrial equipment from famous brands

The famous brands of industrial sewing equipment are Juck, Jack and Brother. You can find the best bartack sewing machines below on the page:

Juki (LK-1900S-HS; LK-1900S-SS; LK-1900BNHS)

The excellent stitches produced by professional equipment enlarges the item’s strength during tensile testing. The control panel’s broad functionality allows you to regulate the seam speed, stitch types, and needle pressure on the textile, etc.       

Jack (JK-T1906GS-D; JK-T1900 GSK-D)

This high-speed electronic equipment is practical for strengthening clothing and even furniture fittings. Each of the variants provides automatic regulation via a liquid crystal display. The microprocessor generates over 100 kinds of stitches. Such a device is relatively easy to use: the design provides a controlled needle and seam fastening foot.

Brother (KE-430HX-05; KE-430HX-03)

The machines from a world-known brand produce excellent and fast stitches that ensure high sewing performance. Presented models are specially tuned for many hours of work, providing a continual oil flow to all their parts. Adjustable thread tension depends on the type of fabric. A feature of the equipment is clean sewing when the appearance of oil stains is excluded.

So these are some Industrial bartack sewing equipment that is used to sew clothes on a large scale at the cloth factories.


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