Indicate Desired Salary In Resume

Is It Necessary To Indicate The Desired Salary In The Resume?

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Indicate Desired Salary In Resume

Among HR specialists there is no consensus on whether you should include the salary in your resume. But first, about when it is better to do it.

Personnel experts warn – the more information the employer will get about the candidate, the better the chances for an interview. Employers feel more confident when they know what numbers they’re talking about. By stating how much money the specialist wants to get for his work, he demonstrates that he knows his own worth. It also indirectly indicates the experience, knowledge of the situation on the labor market.

HR experts say that it is worth specifying a salary for experienced job seekers with a sought-after specialty. It is recommended to specify expectations of earnings and if the resume is put up on several job sites.

In general, the amount of salary on a resume saves time. The job seeker won’t have to attend interviews at companies that can’t pay as much as he or she desires. And the recruiter will benefit from it, too. But mentioning the amount of pay on a resume has its own disadvantage. If the candidate is searched through the Internet, the filters may cut off resumes in which the salary is literally a few rubles above the capabilities of the employer.

How to correctly specify the desired salary?

The candidate, when writing a resume, fears two situations:

  • getting cheap;
  • getting rejected because of their inflated expectations$
  • recruiters offer several solutions to this dilemma.

Traditionally, the salary at the last job is taken as the basis – this approach is considered the most acceptable. They add 10-15% to this amount. This amount is acceptable to most employers. A surcharge makes it possible to haggle at the interview. Experts who are “experts” in their field can add more, but only up to 30%. Such a raise can still be increased, but only if the remuneration has not been revised for a long time at the last place of work.

There is another approach. First, they study the range by industry and calculate the average. This takes into account not only the position, but also the requirements. Income data in the industry is clarified in different sources:

  • from employment services analytics;
  • from open vacancies of different companies;
  • on job sites in the resumes of other candidates.

It is best to specify not a specific figure, but an acceptable “fork”. The lower limit is set for cases where there are few employer responses to resumes or for prospective employers who are not yet willing to pay more. The gap between the lower and upper limit should not be more than 25%. In this case, it should be clarified that the decision will be made depending on the amount of work, pay system, level of responsibility, bonuses, bonuses.

Specialists in recruitment consider it normal to indicate the minimum salary level in the resume. In each case it is necessary to specify what amount is in question – with or without taxes.

Writing the perfect resume

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