Lapel Pins – The Etiquettes to Wear Them Rightly!

Lapel Pins Boutonniere Long-Stem Badges

The lapel is the part of a jacket or coat that falls right below the collar in the form of the folded part.

Wearing a lapel pin is the way to adorn the lapel and offer you an improved look.

These days, lapel pins come in various shapes and forms that you can even buy custom enamel pins. For a novice, determining the right kind of lapel pin for a specific event can be dubious.

Hence, here we are presenting the “lapel pins etiquette guide” that would let you learn if you should wear a lapel pin to a particular event and how.

The Different Styles of Lapel Pins

#1 Boutonniere

It is a floral lapel pin that can be a real flower or an artificial one made of fabric. Due to the floral design that is quite captivating, it goes well in functions like weddings.

There are wide varieties of Boutonniere lapel pin, and the majority goes well with black, navy blue or any dark-colored suit.

#2 Long-Stem Pins

Like its name, the pin comes with a long-stem that goes well with the lapel for securely attaching it.

The style goes well as contemporary, and hence, you can wear the long-stem pin to any casual event.

Note: A lapel pin always goes on the left lapel of a blazer or coat!

#3 Badges

Badges call for a more casual setting where you want to have some funky style as your lapel pin. These pins are more like a badge than a pin, and the wide variety lets you have a personalized look; of course, it suits the casual settings only.

A Few Things to Note Down

  • Learn to differentiate between a formal and casual lapel pin. Such as a formal lapel pin screams minimalism that makes you look classy and simplistic; it is best if no stem shows off. Long-stem pins are for a casual look where the stem shows off.
  • You can wear a lapel pin on a blazer, tie, and shirt as well. The lapel goes with the shirt in case you neither wear a tie nor a blazer.
  • It is a good practice to choose a lapel pin as per your age and the event you are heading to.
  • Choose vibrant colors for casual settings and the neutral tones for a formal setting; however, it is never wrong to play as your mood says.
  • If you want to emphasize anything specifically, go for personalized lapel pins online and choose your design to wear.

Know Your Budget and Pay Accordingly

Lapel pins come in wide varieties and metals with a few more aspects. They vary in the price range from something inexpensive to a premium one.

Choosing anything in between should always suit your budget, and explore various platforms before finalizing one, so you get the best price value for the piece.

There are many designs for everyone’s budget, and all you have to do is research whether it is online or offline; don’t hurt your pocket in the name of a premium lapel pin.


Do consider shipping price and return policy, too, while you are adding up your favorite lapel pin to the cart. Follow the mentioned guidelines about lapel pins wearing etiquettes, and it would surely help you choose that perfect lapel add-on.

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