Storage Units Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide For Home Storage Units: Space Solutions 2021

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Storage Units Maintenance Guide

Moving is a messy process that can be a bit frustrating sometimes. Experts estimate that an average American family changes homes 11 times. Homeowners have the option to deposit their belongings in a rented storage space for safekeeping. Self-storage has become a booming industry in the country. This market accounted for $37 billion two years ago. Let’s shed some light on maintaining your storage space. This piece will cover some essential points regarding the self-maintenance of these units.

Storage Maintenance Checklist

1. Keep A List Of Items:

People have a habit of amassing unwanted clutter in their attics. Hoarding isn’t a healthy habit and takes a lot of necessary space in your home. People don’t want to remove many of their useless items because of some sentimental value attached to them. So, they prefer to dump them in a storage unit. It reduces the amount of clutter in an apartment. But one needs to keep their storage spaces organized. That’s why we recommend keeping a list of items in the unit.

A labeling system enables you to estimate which items you’ve dumped in storage. It helps you sort, arrange, and organize your belongings. This list also allows you to check for theft or robbery. You can also create a checklist for all the steps you’ll take during self-storage maintenance. If you’ve chosen climate-controlled storage units, you won’t probably need a more extended list of maintenance tasks. But still, we’ll walk you through the steps you should need to ensure the safety of your stuff.

2. Get Supplied:

Cleaning up your storage unit is mandatory. It keeps your belongings in original condition, of course. But cleaning requires particular objects that you shouldn’t carry from home. Keep these cleaning supplies inside the facility to be used at appropriate moments. What are the most common items people put in storage units? Interestingly, toys, clothes, furniture, antiques, books, paperwork, and decoration items are popular candidates for self-storage in this fine country.

We can further elaborate on this issue by asking which items DON’T belong in storage. There’s a comprehensive list of things not suggested to stay in such facilities. Fruits can rot and create pests-attracting smells that can potentially harm your stuff. Similarly, explosives, ammunition, and any combustible material are also bad storage choices. The same goes for currency, jewelry, or any valuable item. Furthermore, people shouldn’t live inside these units or keep pets.

3. Clean And Upgrade:

It’s normal to rent another unit if the previous one has run out of capacity for your increasing clutter. We’ll get back to this point later but, for now, let’s expand on how to maximize your usage of the unit. You can easily reposition your belongings to make space for new items. Room dividers also provide you more space. Another relatively expensive option is to replace your old unit with a bigger one. But that means you’ll have to clean a larger area.

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain your storage unit. Experts recommend this task to perform thoroughly at least once a month. Cleaning doesn’t involve washing and rubbing the structure. But it also means checking on your belongings and detecting any threat to their security. It also allows you to discover which items you no longer need to store in that unit. And that is another method of saving space in the facility without spending a single dime!

4. Declutter And Recycle:

A storage unit sometimes becomes an excuse for not throwing out your garbage. But often, people realize that the time has come to consider decluttering the storage unit. There’s no reason to collect old books, rotten furniture, and junk mail in a storage facility. Why not consider disposing of this garbage? You can also recycle some of your stuff or even sell this rubbish for some decent bucks. Donating your books and clothes is also a noble and generous option.

Some people declutter the facility by bringing some stuff home too. Try to ensure that your belongings don’t gather dust. That’s why people make sure to wrap up all the things in plastic bags. This smart and straightforward technique makes cleaning easier. You can always toss these bags out (by recycling them, of course!) and replace them with newer ones. The sensitive items belong in containers and cardboard boxes. You can change these containers from time to time.


The nation seems to be overusing the self-storage service. In 2015, there were some 45,000 storage facilities in the USA, but only 10% were vacant. In 2019, almost 9% of American families were renting these storage units. That’s why people need to know how to maintain these storage spaces neat and clean. After finding a quality storage facility, you must keep your belongings safe in there. The tips mentioned above help you ascertain your unit is in good condition.

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