Newborn Take Care and Cherish

Parenting Tips to Take Care of and Cherish Your Newborn

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Newborn Take Care and Cherish

Being a parent is a big responsibility. Even if you’ve had a kid before, everything changes when there is a newborn in your lap. You need to take care of so many things at once. It becomes even harder when you are a first-time parent.

A newborn child requires special care to grow. If you don’t know what care you should take about your newborn, here are some parenting tips to get you started.


Food is essential in growing. A newborn baby has a heavy appetite, and they might be required to be fed every 2-3 hours. This means that on a single day, you might have to feed them around eight times.

Infant newborns need to be breastfed for at least six months. While some doctors also recommend going beyond that level if your child seems to grow slowly. Feed your baby at least 60 ml on every sitting. This will ensure that the baby gets enough nutrition and grows healthy.


 As your newborn will eat more, likely, they will also excrete more. On average, newborn babies will wet around eight diapers in a day. Keeping your newborn baby in a wet diaper is not a good thing. It may make them allergic and upset their mood too.

Ensure that you change your baby’s diaper at least eight times a day. This way, your baby will always remain hygienic and feel fresh.

Give Bath

 Bathing a newborn baby is vital to take care of them. Usually you should bathe your baby before bedtime. This will help them to get a better night’s sleep.

Before you begin bathing your newborn, make sure everything you need after bathing, like powder, clothes, diapers, etc. is ready and handy. Always bathe your newborn in lukewarm water as their skin is very delicate and prone to burns even at slightly higher levels.

Moreover, after bath, wrap them in a towel and dry them thoroughly, as newborn babies can catch a cold quickly.


 Sometimes, newborn babies may find it hard to sleep. So giving them a good massage is helpful at such times. Massaging can help a newborn sleep quickly. Massaging a newborn baby is entirely different, and you can find out the procedures by consulting your family doctor.

Massage by applying just a slight amount of pressure. Use sufficient baby oils and lotions during the massage as it will help to make the baby’s skin even better. Moreover, massaging can help the baby relax and sleep well, even during the daytime.


A newborn baby requires too much sleep. Usually, they sleep around 16 hours a day in their initial phase. Newborn babies have longer sleep cycles of 4 hours, and they only wake up when they feel hungry.

You need to feed the newborn every 3 hours, so to take care of this schedule, you might have to wake your baby and feed them. Newborns can quickly sleep back, so there’s no problem waking them up from sleep in between.

Parenting is often considered hard, and people rely on tips just from their relatives. While some tips might work, most times, you’ll need to research and experiment on your own to become the best parent. The above tips will help you begin your parenthood journey.

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