Purpose of a Ceramic Coating for Cars?

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Owning a car is like a rite of passage. It is a sign of adulthood and making sure that you can take care of something responsibly. For most of us, a car is also a place of wonderful memories. I have personally travelled cross country in it with my friends and can recall some fond memories.

But I also know a lot of people that did not have such experiences. A friend of mine still feels that his decision to buy a car was not a good one. He bought the car at a reasonable rate. However, he took a deep hit when he decided to sell the car after a year or so. Many of the prospective buyers said that the car’s interior is good. However, the exterior is what puts them off.

My friend was confused and downright disappointed. He kept saying that he maintained the car properly. He invested in regular wash and waxing. Even though that is true, the thing was that the paint looked quite dull. For a person that did not know much about cars, even they could tell that the paint was nowhere near its original condition.

Do not worry. The purpose is not to scare you. Instead, we will guide you about what you can do to protect the paint. The article centres around ceramic coating. Let’s talk more about it.

What is Ceramic Coating?

In simple words, it is a liquid polymer solution that is applied by hand onto the vehicle’s exterior. This solution chemically bonds with the paint surface, meaning that the factory paint job is untouched. The bond then acts as an extra protective layer. It protects the paint from damage caused by contaminants and small scratches.

There are different types of ceramic coating for cars including Nanolex, IGL Kenzo, Modesta, CQuartz, and Ceramic Pro. If you are in Dubai, then check out PitStopArabia. This company is offering different types of car paint protection including ceramic including. Perhaps the interesting point is that it offers all types of ceramic coating for cars. Lastly, the services are offered throughout the UAE.

Purpose & Benefits of a Ceramic Coating for Cars

Now, let us look at what benefits are associated with ceramic coating. Hopefully, this will convince you to invest in it.

Protection Against Harmful Rays from the Sun

You might have noticed that some vehicles have faded paint or the paint looks outright dull. One possible reason for this is that the vehicle stayed in direct sunlight for far too long. The thing is that direct sunlight is harmful to the vehicle. The ultraviolet rays cause the paint to fade or peel off even. That is why it is always recommended to park the car in a garage or cover it with something. This will protect the paint. Direct sunlight is also harmful to the tires. It can reduce their performance and durability. Therefore, always avoid parking the vehicle in direct sunlight.

The ultraviolet rays are a serious problem for car owners living in warm climates like the UAE. In the UAE, excessive heat can cause mechanical problems as well. What you can do is at least protect the paint.

Washing Made Easy

Washing can be exhaustive at times especially when the vehicle has been driven around quite a bit. Furthermore, you might notice that the dirt and other contaminants are not coming off despite your best efforts. The reason is that some contaminants cannot be removed even with a pressure wash. The best option is to hire a professional car service to get the job done. There is also another way – ceramic coating. The coat prevents the contaminants from getting stuck onto the car. Thus, they can be easily washed away using a simple bucket full of water and a sponge.

Extra Glossy Finish

Imagine two cars of the same model & type. One is shinier than the other. More often than not, the reason is the ceramic coating. This coat makes the paint shiner than normal. This gives the vehicle a major boost when it comes to the overall appearance. Thus, the vehicle stands from the rest of the competition.

Extra Value

We just talked about how ceramic coat helps add extra shine to the vehicle. Well, it also improves the car’s value. Imagine that you wish to sell a car like my friend. When customers see that the paint is untouched because of the extra protective layer, they will be willing to pay more for the vehicle. Without it, you will face exactly what happened to my friend. The factory paint job adds a lot of value to the vehicle. Even if you get it repainted from a top service centre, discerning customers will immediately point it out. This can cause the car’s value to take a major hit. Buyers might think that the vehicle was involved in an accident and had to be repainted. To avoid such problems, just opt for ceramic coating.

What Ceramic Coating Does Not Do?

Please note that the ceramic coating does not replace washing. You are required to wash regularly. Similarly, there are waxes available that are compatible with coats. One can also use them for added paint protection. Also, this coating does not offer complete protection against rock chips, curb damage or anything similar. You need to take precautions that one normally takes.


As contaminants do not stick to the vehicle, it is free from germs and dirt. This means that you are less likely to fall ill from the contaminants and the vehicle is also much cleaner. We all know that a cleaner environment improves a person’s mental and physical health being.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article today. We are hopeful that you find this information useful. One last tip before we wrap up for today. Many people try to apply the coating themselves. But we highly recommend opting for a professional service to get the best & desired results. You might not be able to apply it as required. Thus, it will not offer you protection.

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