5 Reasons Why Cotton Bed Sheets are The Best for Summers

The season of summer has already arrived and along with it, it has brought us soaring temperatures to get you all sweaty and exhausted. It is a season which majority of Indians have a distaste for, especially the ones living in boiling-hot areas like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, etc. The temperature in these regions rises up to 50 Degrees Celsius during summers, which is pretty much like living in a hot pot. The nights during summer are also very humid and this is the time when many people tend to lose their sleep and feel annoyed with all the sweat, dirt, and interrupted sleep.

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A good day starts with a good night’s sleep. No one wants their sleep to be interrupted by anyone and to ensure that people always take care of it. In order to get a proper and comfortable sleep, most people prefer a natural fiber like cotton. These cotton bed sheets possess some unique qualities which make them superior as compared to other bed sheets. It is one of the most sought-after fabrics of all time, especially in summer.  Anyway, what makes these cotton bedsheets so special really? We did some research for you, and tell you what, the results are extremely favoring cotton!

So, without further ado, here are the major 5 Reasons why Cotton Bed sheets are the Best choice during the season of summers:

1. Highly absorbent and breathableJaipuri Bedsheets

Sweat! It is one of the major problems in summer. Cotton bed sheets can come in handy and combat sweat like a charm. Cotton fabric is breathable doesn’t make us feel suffocated and grasps moisture away from the body. Cotton absorbs excess moisture from the skin and allows it to evaporate into the air. So, sleeping on a cotton bed sheet makes you feel less sweaty, thus providing better sleep during the summer.

2. Anti-allergic

Cotton bed sheets work as an anti-allergic fiber for those whose skin is very sensitive and disposed to allergies. The absorbent characteristics of cotton fight off sweat from piling up on the skin, which further averts the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast. Cotton bed sheets are totally organic and non-toxic which helps in preventing friction burns as well. Cotton is very soft to touch and feel which gives a pleasant feel while sleeping. The comfort you will get in these bed sheets is unmatched.cotton Bed Sheets

3. Low maintenance

Sweating is a very common problem during the season of summer and hence it is very important to wash bed sheets at a regular interval of time to avoid any kind of allergy or disease. Cotton is a natural fire and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, Cotton weaves have stronger durability as compared to other materials which increases the life of these bed sheets. Cotton fabric has high tensile strength, making it strong and less likely to rip or tear. Cotton is 30% stronger when it is wet, so it can withstand regular washing and can last longer.

4. Insulating Properties

There are a number of bed sheets that can be appropriate for summer but insulation is a major problem why people don’t prefer any of the bed sheets. In such scenarios, people prefer cotton as it has one very impressive characteristic and that is, it remains cool during summer and warm during winter. It can keep your body cool and comfortable in hot weather. Cotton can easily draw out heat away from the body. All these qualities of cotton make it the best choice for summer. Moreover, these bed sheets give a pleasing feel while sleeping.

5. Dirt RepellentDirt Repellent bed sheets

Dirt and dust are a very serious problem during summer as our body tends to be sweatier during summers which allow the dust in the surroundings to stick to the body. Dust can be hazardous for those who are having allergy to it. Cotton has a special quality in that it repels dirt and dust more than other fabrics or materials. It can help in keeping the body clean and dust-free and protects from any disease. This can help us in getting proper sleep without worrying about the dirt and dust.

Sleep is a precious part of our life and not getting proper sleep can make us feel annoyed. In such a case, these characteristics of cotton make it appropriate for the summer season. The majority of people prefer using cotton bed sheets during the season of summer in order to remain safe and get uninterrupted sleep.

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