The Rise and Rise Of Solar Street Lighting

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In recent years Australia has seen an upward trend in the installation and use of solar-powered street lighting. Traditional street lighting is systematically being replaced by its solar-powered counterpart. In this article, I’ll take a look at the reasons why solar street lighting is enjoying a rise in popularity and what the key advantages are to switching to solar.

Solar Lighting Is Environmentally Friendly

With the world today so intensely focused on the environment and seeking out ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, it only makes sense to switch lighting as much as possible.

This type of lighting has been popular for some time when it comes to domestic use, with people opting for solar garden lights and another exterior lighting around the house. Now it’s being adopted on a grander scale in the form of street lights.

Solar power is clean, renewable energy, making it extremely eco-friendly.

Solar Power Is Cheaper and More Cost-Effective

Aside from being kinder to the environment, street lighting that is solar powered is obviously going to save a ton of cash on energy costs. With no electricity from the grid required to power the lights, once installed there are no operating costs other than routine maintenance to keep them in top shape.

Utilising powerful LED bulbs that produce bright white light but consume very little energy, the drain on the solar-powered batteries is minimal. This enables the light to operate all through the night without emptying the batteries and also puts less strain on the batteries so they last longer.

All this adds up to more and more savings for councils, local governments, and private enterprise.

Solar Powered Street Lighting Can Be Permanent Or Temporary

Solar Street Lights Battery

Not all street lighting has to be a permanent fixture. Sometimes extra lighting needs to be brought in on a temporary basis, such as when night-time roadworks are taking place during low traffic periods. The versatility of street lighting that is mobile and doesn’t require a power source or generator makes it extremely functional for so many applications.

Mostly though, solar street lighting is affixed as a permanent fixture to light up roads, shopping centre car parks, and walking paths through parks and gardens. If it’s an outdoor area and it needs illuminating, then there’s no reason the lighting can’t be solar powered instead of hardwired.

Lighting That Is Solar Powered Is Very Safe

One of the greatest advantages of any form of solar-powered lighting is that it’s extremely safe. There are no wires or chords leading off to a power source, so the chances of anyone being electrocuted are next to none.

The fact that there is no need for hard wiring to the grid also lowers the installation cost and speeds up the process to install solar-powered street lighting.

So, solar street lighting is on the rise. With a focus on saving the planet, reducing energy consumption, and finding a cost-effective and safe lighting solution, solar-powered street lighting is the ultimate choice.

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