Samsung Approach to Eco-Friendly TV Packing, Recycling, and Solar Cell Remote

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Most electronic products manufacturers are moving to eco-friendly product design, packaging, and building for a sustainable future. Now Samsung also committed to a sustainable future. They are using eco-friendly visual display products and processes. Learn more about it here.

Award-Winning Sustainable Packaging Design

Samsung is expanding their Eco-Packaging Design to all 2021 Lifestyle TVs and the majority of the 2021 Neo QLED line

The company anticipates that, if each 2021 TV Eco-Packaging Design box is re-purposed as an interior prop, 10,000 tons of greenhouse gases can be
reduced in 2021.

Expecting to reduce of greenhouse 10,000 tons gas emissions annually.

Remote Controls solar Cell

Samsung’s 2021 QLEDs will come with a new solar cell-powered remote control that can be recharged through indoor or outdoor lighting, or USB.

This innovation will help prevent the wastage of around 99 million AAA batteries over the course of seven years of TV usage.

Some 2021 Crystal UHD TVs will come with a power-saving remote control that can reduce up to 80% of normal power consumption.

Expecting to bring down greenhouse gas emissions by 4,000 tons over 7 years of TV usage thanks to 2 new types of remote control.

Plastic Recycling

Samsung has been using recycled materials in the rear panels and stand of their monitors and signage for the past few years and is now planning to expand their usage into even more components across the company’s visual display product portfolio.

By incorporating more recycled materials into products, Samsung expects to reduce over 500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over 7 years of product use.

Samsung’s 2021 Visual Display products, equipped with eco-friendly features, are expected to reduce 25,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the absorption of greenhouse gases by 3.8 million 30-year-old pine trees over the course of a year.

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