Bachelorette Party Beforehand

Scheduling The Bachelorette Party Beforehand

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Bachelorette Party Beforehand

Today, we would like to talk a bit about bachelor/ette parties. You probably know from experience that these parties can vary from a pretty tame night in with a few friends to a more localized version of The Hangover.

We aren’t going to get into all the dirty details that can take place during such a momentous gathering in this post. Instead, today we want to explore your options. More specifically addressing the question – Should you have your party the night before the wedding or should you schedule it beforehand?

Here are some thoughts to consider for both contingencies:

Having A Bachelor/ette Party the Night Before

Having a bachelor/ette party the night before the wedding is a tradition for many couples. It is a way to celebrate their last night of freedom, have fun with their friends, and relieve some stress. However, it can also be risky, as it may lead to regrets, hangovers, or even cold feet.  You can enjoy a karaoke night or a comedy show, have a themed costume party or a scavenger hunt, and cheers to your future with champagne and cake.

Everyone is already in town. Score points for attendance!

It is the traditional time to hold the party. People expect it and will be in full party mode by the time the night starts.

Being able to prep everyone for the following day, since they will all be in one place. Hand out schedules and give last-minute instructions before the party starts. That way, everyone can remember (or email themselves) what their duties are for the next day.

When It Goes Right

A friend once told us of how she had prepared both the male and female parties for all contingencies. Then, the next morning, we gave everyone the traditional bridesmaid and groomsmen gift bags. Along with trinkets and mementos, we also included some aspirin, tiny gatorade bottles, and rolls of Tums. They thought it was hilarious!”

When It Goes Wrong

We know of someone who stood in her front yard (minus shoes) holding a bucket for her intended as he returned in the early morning hours of their wedding day. Make a plan, section off some hotel rooms, and don’t let this be your fate.

Having A Bachelor/ette Party At Least a Week Before The Big Day

You won’t be hungover for your wedding. That dress that’s specifically fitted to you will fit, you won’t have to cover up prominent dark circles, and you won’t have the urge to vomit all over your mother-in-law. Win!
Everyone will be able to party with wild abandon since you can schedule it on a free weekend. No alarms or anything has to happen on the following morning.

You can turn it into a weekend trip. Go to a music band concert, and enroll in a weekend spa retreat. Do whatever fits your group’s vibe and budget, then enjoy a full weekend with your besties.

When It Goes Right: A bride we know planned her bachelorette party on the same weekend as the wedding shower. Since she knew most people would be there for the shower, she coordinated the two. According to her, it made the whole experience much more memorable and special.

When It Goes Wrong: Another friend let us know that her party flopped when 1/8th of her guests were able to show. Most of her friends lived out of town, since she had moved across the country, and they could not make two separate plane trips.

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