LA Jet Setters Fly Private Charters

Secret Getaways LA Jet Setters Fly to with Their Private Charters

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LA Jet Setters Fly Private Charters

Amazing exotic islands, luxury ski resorts, unforgettable adventures exploring ancient archaeological sites – those are just a few of the little-known getaways that LA’s glitterati and well-connected choose when they seek travel destinations that are unforgettable and off the beaten path.

Private jet travel is the preferred mode of transportation for the convenience, comfort, and perk-laden luxuries it offers to adventure seekers. Here take a look at just a few of the “secret hot spots” that are popular among LA’s urbane world wanderers.

1. Mustique

This small island in the West Indies was once a private island and the playground of the super-wealthy. Mick Jagger is said to own two homes on Mustique. Other homeowners are the likes of British Royal Family member Princess Margaret and fashion magnate Tommy Hilfiger.

No longer private, per se, many well-connected LA jetsetters hop a private charter jet to enjoy a few days in this unparalleled “Island Paradise” environment of perfect sugar sand beaches, aquamarine oceans, pristine rain forests, and world-class food served up by famous chefs.

2. Tikal

Tikal is the remains of an ancient Mayan city in Guatemala, and it’s near the top of the “Must Visit Lists” of in-the-know LA private jet travelers. Those who visit the ruins of this exotic, long-gone high civilization call touring the battered ancient pyramids and monuments an “unforgettable” experience.

While Tikal is a popular tourist destination for all kinds of people, traveling to this remote location can be exhausting when using conventional means. A private jet charter, however, takes a lot of pain out of the trip, and visitors can arrive fresh and enjoy the rigors of the mysterious jungle and remnants of a vanished civilization.

3. Jackson Hole Wyoming

The fantastic skiing in the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Wyoming is irresistible to folks who spend their days in LA’s hot, clamorous environs. Fabulous accommodations in the form of stylishly designed and well-appointed ski resorts that cater to a wealthy clientele make Jackson Hole a very frequent choice for LA private jet users. The cold, fresh mountain air is the exact remedy for the smoggy skies of La-La Land.

4. Barbados

The name for Barbados is derived from the Portuguese and Spanish words for “beard” – thus, “The Bearded Ones.” But that’s probably not what LA folks who need to get away are thinking about when they use any private jet charter in Los Angeles as their mode to get there.

Unlike super exclusive destinations like Mustique, Barbados is affordable yet as fabulous in most ways as its paradise island cousins. It has stunning beaches, high-end resorts, and an overall beautiful landscape that’s a joy to explore – including real pirate caves!

5. Cayo Espanto

The average American probably has not heard the name Cayo Espanto, but LA private jet travelers are familiar with this small island off the coast of Belize. Like Tikal mentioned above, the Mayans once occupied Cayo Espanto, and it later became a major pirate base used by the criminals of the high seas to prey upon and lay ambush on passing ships.

This tiny island is private but handles a brisk trade with exclusive LA jet-hoppers.

6. Belize Barrier Reef

Speaking of Belize, off the shores of this tiny Central American nation is one of the most fabulous barrier reefs in the world. It is the largest underwater structure in the Western Hemisphere, teaming with colorful sea life. These marine animals rely on the 450 species of coral for their food, shelter, and the unique ecosystem that supports more than 1,500 species.

Scuba diving the Belize Barrier Reef is an absolutely unforgettable experience. LA private jet travelers can enjoy it in just a few short hours thanks to private jet charter Los Angeles services.

In addition to the barrier reef, the landscape of Belize itself offers just about everything a jet setter could desire, from extraordinary Mayan ruins and one-of-a-kind cave tubing to 450 islands (cayos) to explore and mind-blowing colorful birds, wildlife, jungle flowers & rain forest regions to experience.

Just Hours Away by Private Jet

All the destinations described above are from three to six hours away when traveling by private charter jet. The flight itself is stress-free, exciting, and luxurious, and these getaway locations are even more stress-free, exciting, and luxurious!

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