Simple Steps to Keep a Cleaned Home

Nothing can beat the moment that you breathe in the scent of a freshly cleaned home. And nothing beats the comfort of knowing that tiny little cockroaches and spiders aren’t hiding in the shadows of your house. Freshly washed sheets and spotless kitchen surfaces are things we all look forward to when we return home.

Steps Keep Cleaned Home

I think it’s safe to assume that we can all agree this sounds like a dream come true. But how many of us can actually say we get to come back to a house like the one described above? I know that sometimes when I’ve got a random burst of energy, I’ll go on a spontaneous cleaning spree and organize my house until it’s spotless, then proceed to give myself a well-deserved pat on the back. But then the next week: piles of dishes stacked up in the sink, clothes draped haphazardly all over the floor, and a toilet bowl that has definitely seen better days. So here’s what I have to tell you.

Consistency is key. Whether it applies to your work ethic, your habits, your workout routine, or in this case, keeping your home clean, in order to keep something in its prime position, maintaining consistency is key. The following points are simple, yet important steps to keeping a home that you’ll love coming back to after a long, tiring day.

  1. Wash the Dishes

I know that sometimes it can be the last thing you want to do, having to wash your dishes when all you really want to do is hop back on the couch and binge another episode of Stranger Things on Netflix. Believe me, there are times that I’m definitely guilty of leaving a couple of dishes in the sink to get on my phone. And then I promise myself I’ll get right back to it, but in the same day the same sink has filled up with dishes, and the workload is even more dreadful. Don’t create more work for yourself. When you’ve finished a meal, take your single plate or bowl to the sink and wash the dish. Simple as that. And instead of hating the task, try to make an effort to enjoy the act of washing the disk. You’ll thank yourself for it.

  1. Vacuum Each WeekProfessional home Cleaning

This is a prime step for those of you have crazy allergies that have you sneezing and coughing into the middle of the night. Don’t sabotage your sleep and the rest of your health by allowing dirt and other residue to build up in your home. Make a plan to choose an exact date and time to vacuum your home each week, especially in areas like the kitchen that collect food crumbs and are susceptible to ants and other bugs, and in other rooms that you spend most of your time in, such as the living room and your bedroom.

  1. Clean the Bathroom at Least Twice a Month

Some of the hardest stains to remove and the most dreaded clean up jobs are in the bathroom. Toilets and showers can quickly develop rust and mold when left untreated, and can become almost impossible to remove if left alone for too long. If you live in an apartment, refusing to clean your bathroom can potentially risk getting that very expensive rent deposit back. Keep your cleaning supplies in the bathroom closet or cabinet for easy retrieval. Clean your toilet bowls and especially your bathroom walls and tub.

  1. Hiring a Cleaning Service

Maybe this can seem redundant after all of the former tips about how to keep your house consistently clean, but sometimes your home can use a true wipe down from a professional cleaning service. Hard to reach places, mold removal, or times when you require air duct cleaning services, can sometimes require the aid of an expert. But following our tips will help to keep your home clean until the professionals can come and bring it into tip-top shape.

Home is where the heart is, and that’s why your house should be a place you look forward to coming back to. Add in these simple steps to your weekly routine. Hang up reminders on your fridge, jot it down in your planner, or add it to your Google Calendar. Whatever you have to do to give yourself gentle reminders to clean your home. And remember, consistency is key.

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